Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest and fastest-growing fitness club chain, took nearly three years to sell 300 franchise territories and open 130 clubs in the United States.

Siblings Justin McDonell and Jacinta McDonell-Jimenez, recently exceeded those impressive numbers in Australia, with over 140 clubs now open and 350 territories sold, making them the most successful international Anytime Fitness Master Franchisors.

“The Anytime Fitness business model offers an amazing balance of lifestyle and a rewarding business,” said Jacinta. “Some of our franchisees own as many as nine clubs and still enjoy a great personal lifestyle. This is almost impossible to achieve in other franchise businesses.”

The secret to their success: “We look for franchisees who understand the importance of sales and marketing along with an exceptional passion to deliver a great member experience,” said Jacinta.

“Our most successful franchisees focus on sales and marketing and hire a terrific club manager to produce an ideal club culture. Our clubs offer the members what they need – great equipment, personal attention, and convenient and affordable facilities, open anytime.”

There are currently over 100,000 Anytime Fitness members in Australia and that number is expected to exceed 300,000 in the coming years.

John Kersh, VP of International Development for Anytime Fitness says “Justin and Jacinta, and the talented team of managers and franchisees that they’ve assembled, deserve all the credit for their tremendous success. They are without a doubt our most successful international master franchisees.”

To further strengthen this success Anytime Fitness have an exciting innovation due to launch into the market and add to their 24/7 philosophy.

Anytime Fitness are launching a new product called Anytime Health in July which will be free to all members. It’s an online nutrition and exercise program which is designed to be a portal for members to get advice from a virtual personal trainer. They can post questions and get answers, making it hugely interactive and personalised. Members can also program in their current weight and what they are hoping to achieve. Based on their activity at the gym and outside it, Anytime Health will provide a recommended calorie count with recipes and food components.

There will also be videos of people working out at an Anytime club, so if, for instance, a member is wanting to develop a new program to increase their leg strength, there is an example available.

Anytime Health can help members looking to improve and maintain their health and fitness and fits seamlessly into the electrocentric lifestyle that is becoming more prolific within modern society.

The new system also reflects the ‘anytime, anywhere’ values of the brand and would enable a level of guidance and support that many of the general public can’t afford through expensive personal trainers and nutritionists.

A further development of Anytime Health will be to provide a service for corporations wanting to take positive measures to ensure the consistent good health and productivity of their employees. The Anytime Health system offers companies a way to improve the health of their employees and provide reduced price memberships.

Anytime Fitness truly encompasses the 24/7 fitness mantra, and 2012 will see continued growth and outstanding performance from the hugely successful brand.

For further information on Anytime Fitness contact:

Phone: 02 9415 5300