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Vibrant colours and superior features will enhance customer experience   

Anytime Fitness, Australia’s largest gym chain and the world’s fastest-growing fitness centre for 10 consecutive years, has unveiled new interior design plans for its gyms across the country. Designed to create a welcoming and personable customer experience via vibrant colour schemes and efficient, inviting layouts, the first gym in Australia featuring the new design is located in Ripley, Queensland.

“From the very beginning, Anytime Fitness has been driven by a strong determination to help more people improve their health with fitness. Not only have we made fitness more accessible by bringing the 24-hour gym model to life, but our welcoming and inclusive culture builds communities. We’re committed to ensuring everyone who steps through our doors feels welcome and confident,” said Arthur McColl, CEO of Collective Wellness Group, the parent company of Anytime Fitness Australia. “Our new design concept embraces and enhances the favourite features of our existing gyms, identified by our current members, such as top-of-the line equipment, larger free weight areas, and private changing rooms. We’ve focused on creating an environment where members feel empowered, not intimidated, to get over the hurdles of improving their health.”

“Friendly, convenient and supportive” has been how Anytime Fitness relates to its members since the first gym opened internationally 16 years ago. Today, with more than 4,000 gyms worldwide and soon to be 500 gyms in Australia, the new design concept emphasises four principles viewed as key to Anytime Fitness’ success: Approachability, Empowerment, Honesty and Humanity.

“Our passion is driven by seeing members achieve their fitness goals and feel good about their workouts,” said Matthew Doughty, franchise owner of Anytime Fitness Ripley. “Therefore, the new design is engineered to help us better ‘care, coach and connect’ with our members. Features such as an open office allow us to better communicate with our members and engage in their experiences. Increased functional training space allows for more flexibility with group training programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of members.”

Collaborating with Livit:

Livit, the company that helped Anytime Fitness develop its new look, is the world’s largest guest experience design firm. Active in more than 40 countries and operating since 1998, a Livit-designed experience opens every eight hours somewhere in the world.

“Anytime Fitness’ new design is based on a guest-centric approach, modifying the previous design from the general layout to the smallest details,” said Benjamin Calleja, CEO, Livit Design. “To reach such result, Livit conducted a comprehensive study of the previous user experience in various gyms, identified its strengths and weaknesses, then drew from there a current guest experience map and an ideal one.”

“In addition to freshening up the look and feel of the brand, the main objective of this new design is to create a consistent ‘Anytime Fitness Experience,’ in which a member would always feel supported by people at his or her service,” said Calleja. “This strong focus towards a welcoming and caring atmosphere has been incorporated into the new functional area, which is now at the heart of the gym, and around which the other areas are centered.”

The new design is flexible, efficient and adaptable to many configurations. It was developed with the aim of a global and consistent roll-out, providing the same user experience and brand recognition in every Anytime Fitness club. The new design is being progressively rolled out across Australia in both new clubs and those going through refresh.