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Appropriate Cover for Your Business

National Franchise Insurance Brokers (NFIB) was created to meet the Australian demand for a dedicated online provider of insurance cover for franchisees, franchisors and franchised businesses.


The NFIB service is fully automated, compliant with your franchise agreement and provides you with full documentation confirming your cover placement. Plus, they are underwritten by one of world’s longest established insurance organisations.


How was NFIB formed?

NFIB first trialled its services in 2010. This trial period involved discussion with franchisors, franchisees and insurers where we attempted to understand what was missing in the insurance space for the franchising industry. We looked at what was needed to meet the changing compliance needs of a franchisor and also what would enable them to have a better over view of their insurance program for franchisees. At the end of that year of extensive research, it was clear that there was a real need to develop a specialised insurance solution that would address the needs of all the stakeholders and so NFIB was formed.

How does NFIB serve franchisees and franchisors?

Franchising, from an insurance perspective, is a simple model. However, there are significant costs to an insurance broker in managing multiple franchisees, often with different insurance expiry dates. Franchisors want to maintain the integrity of their brand, franchisees want business security, and brokers work with insurers to meet those needs. With an electronic distribution platform sitting between the franchisor, franchisee, broker and insurer, all the parties are able to be served in a cost effective manner, often at a time that best suits each individual. And by having all the information in the one place, they are all on the same page, reducing miscommunication and saving time. NFIB is unique in this space and enables a franchisor to have real time transparency over their brand’s insurance at the franchisee level.

What services do you provide to the industry?

NFIB provides a technology interface as well as an extremely cost effective insurance solution dedicated to franchised business. Franchisees can access a customised online area created specifically for their franchise. NFIB can take care of Compliance, Certificates of Currency and even make sure your dates line up taking the headache out of administrating your insurance. NFIB also provides franchisors with full insurance broking services for their corporate insurance needs. And all NFIB products are underwritten by one of the world’s leading insurers.

This is designed to bring real and tangible benefits to both the franchisor and the franchisee. All our services are operated within a no cost Ecommerce platform bringing all of these related aspects logically together. As NFIB has developed its own proprietary technology, we are able to offer insurance solutions together with compliance management via our E base platform, all of which come as a benefit to the franchisor and their franchisees.

Is insurance really that complicated?

Different insurance providers can have vastly different policies for, what at first, seems to be the same cover. If you’ve spent your life perfecting your coffee making skills, chances are you won’t be familiar with their jargon. Add to that your franchisor’s specifications that may be carefully considered or potentially quite vague. Under-insuring to save money sounds attractive until you actually run into trouble. This can also happen when you expand your business but forget to update your policy. Are you covered for loss from employee theft? What about customer injury? Do you even need that? The Franchise Council of Australia recommends cover for fire and peril, business interruption, burglary and theft, public and product liability, and workers’ compensation as core areas. But there are many more additional areas that apply to specific situations, such as professional indemnity if you are offering advice. It is definitely a complex, and very important, area to get right!

Peace of mind

Fortunately, NFIB are familiar with all the jargon and what options are available to you. They draw on years of industry experience to advise on your franchise’s specific requirements. While they are a technology based delivery solution, they do have a team of insurance brokers who are ready to walk you through the process of arranging your insurance. Knowing you have the right cover and that any unusual circumstances have been thought of brings peace of mind. And if something does go wrong and you have to make a claim, they are best placed to ensure you get a quick and accurate settlement. While the business is based in Perth, they have assessors Australia-wide. Darryl Morris is happy to chat to franchisees should they wish to discuss any matter relating to their insurance.

The bottom line

While the value of simplifying your insurance matters is huge, it won’t break the bank. Quick and easy, setting up your own NFIB program is free. The only costs are related to the actual insurance premiums specific to the requirements of your franchisor. With such a vital aspect of your business in the very capable hands of NFIB, you’re free to do what you do best.

NFIB are in the business of making life easy for the franchisor and will work side by side with you, your franchisee and your insurance broker to ensure the most appropriate cover is sourced for the business. There is no paperwork, no signatures required, no printing out and no faxing back.


If you would like more information, contact Darryl Morris who is the Managing Director of NFIB on 1800 776 747 or

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