Aussie Pooch Mobile launches ‘Aromacare Doggy Facial’


Aussie Pooch Mobile, the first mobile dog wash franchise in the world, has recently launched the Aromacare Doggy Facial, an Australian first.

With demand for pooch pampering at an all-time high, and dog lovers wanting not only to spoil their dogs, but also wanting the health and wellbeing benefits the service offers, it was time to introduce something new to the market says Founder Christine Taylor.

“People have been enjoying the health and relaxation benefits of face and body massage for centuries,” explains Aussie Pooch Mobile Founder, Christine Taylor, “so we thought why can’t dogs enjoy those benefits too?”

“We already wash and blow-dry dogs, provide ear and eye cleaning, offer clipping services and doggy massage, so a doggy facial was the next logical step.

“We researched the facial with the help of a beautician, a dog masseuse and customer feedback from our initial testing which provided us the platform to launch this unique service.”

The Aromacare doggy facial (including head massage) cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the dog’s skin, to ensure it looks and feels great. During the treatment the dog’s face and head is thoroughly cleaned to target slobber, gunk and tearstains.

The Aromacare solution used is a unique, naturally based and lightly foaming fragranced cleanser, containing optical brighteners to help remove tearstains. Infused with vitamin E, lavender and chamomile pure essential oils it also helps with mild facial irritations.

And like any therapist, Aussie Pooch Mobile operators have been trained in administering the doggy facial.

The Aromacare Doggy Facial usually lasts between 3- 5 minutes.

“Our philosophy of we care is only enhanced with the doggy facial. Facial massage can help reduce stress in a dog, promote a sense of calmness and generally make your dog feel good,” says Christine. “We expect this to be a very popular service, after all everyone wants their dog to be happy and healthy, and just a little bit spoilt.”