Poolwerx, the world’s largest pool servicing brand, continues its phenomenal growth in Australia and New Zealand, opening 13 new stores.

The business has acquired six independent pool servicing stores under its banner, with a further seven new retail locations also set to open—all existing franchise partners growing their empire following a boom in activity.

Poolwerx founder and CEO John O’Brien shared his excitement over the flurry of activity.

“For independents looking at succession planning or thinking of retiring, we’re a perfect match. We’re helping long-term industry veterans with their exit strategy, allowing them to hand over their business gracefully knowing their staff and clients will be looked after and their life’s work will be honoured,” he said. “I’m also inspired to see our existing franchise partners continue to grow their business and open new retail locations, which speaks to the resilience of our business model.”

Poolwerx Hills Shire franchise partner Tim Oldfield acquired a new store from an independent in Baulkham Hills to set up his second retail location.

“With the support of the broader network, we quickly adapted to 2020’s challenges, delivering new services for our clients. The brand turned a challenge into an opportunity, which has seen us thrive during this time,” he said. “Over 15 years, we’ve turned our first retail store into a multi-million dollar venture and are excited at the new challenge. We can’t wait to open our second retail location and help a strong client base make the most of their backyard pool.”