Aussies Shop Products on Low Prices over High Quality



  • CouriersPlease research reveals 57 per cent of Aussies choose products on price, compared with 32 per cent who say quality is the most important.
  • 62 per cent say the lowest quality product comes from the fashion and jewellery category.
  • 67 per cent use online reviews to help mitigate their risk of choose a poor product.

On the back of new research, leading parcel delivery service CouriersPlease forecasts that the online shopping industry will have a greater focus on low prices, as the industry respondents to consumer preferences.

A survey of an independent nationally representative panel of 1000 Australians who shop online, commissioned by CouriersPlease sought to gauge just what those consumer preferences are – quality, receiving the product quickly, or low prices?

It seems that low prices not only trump other factors, but consumers might not have very high expectations of quality when buying on price. When asked about the most important factor to them when shopping online, over half (57 per cent) of Aussie shoppers said it is low prices. Only 32 per cent said that the quality of the product is more important, while receiving the product quickly is the least important (chosen by 11 per cent of respondents).

CP spokesperson Jessica Ip says, ‘More often than not, Aussies expect to get a good deal when shopping online compared with shopping in-store for the same product. At CP, we believe this expectation will only grow as the retail industry continues to shift to online, and e-tailers will follow suit.’