Australian business is top scorer in franchisee satisfaction survey


Australian franchise Home Instead Senior Care has come out on top in 2016’s Franchise Satisfaction Survey, conducted by the Franchise Relationships Institute. Home Instead Senior Care is a specialist, national provider of high quality in-home care for older Australians. A healthy franchise relationship is defined by the institute as having high levels of franchise Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement (ACE).

Martin Warner with wife and business partner SarahHome Instead Senior Care undertook the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey in late 2016. 26 Home Instead franchisees completed the survey, across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA. The company received outstanding results across the board compared to the Franchise Sector benchmark. The survey was developed by The Franchise Relationships Institute after years of research with franchises and questions were created to accurately measure the factors that drive franchisee satisfaction.

Founder of Home Instead Senior Care Martin Warner says, “We know that we are running a successful franchise business and anecdotally we felt strongly that our franchisees are satisfied, but it was important to have this independently tested because as a business, you can never rely on gut instinct alone. The results of the survey absolutely blew me away. Knowing that we scored so highly across so many areas of the business gives me such a sense of pride and reaffirms for me what a special business we have built here in Australia.”

Home Instead Senior Care is in the 99th percentile for general satisfaction, franchise partnership, competence, brand passion, integrity, communication, practical support and connection, compared to the Franchise Sector Benchmark. It is in the 98th percentile for franchise leadership financial performance, fulfilment, leadership commitment and training. It is in the 97th percentile for care, forward vision, belonging and appreciation, the 95th for support and franchisee achievement and the 94th for franchisee lifestyle, optimism and satisfied expectations.

The ACE index indicates the likelihood that franchisees would recommend a Home Instead franchise opportunity to others, stay in the network despite ups and downs and enthusiastically involve themselves with brand initiatives. The sector benchmark is 67 out of 100 and Home Instead’s score was 83, placing franchisees in the ‘delighted’ range.

Franchisees are satisfied overall, significantly above the benchmark, and satisfaction is high across all six Mood Monitor dimensions. The Mood Monitor looks at achievement, lifestyle, leadership, connection, franchise partnership and support as well as 24 areas across these six dimensions.

It was found that franchisees have extremely high levels of brand passion and fulfilment from running their businesses. 100% of franchisees consider themselves to be on track for financial success and 100% enjoy running the business. 54% of franchisees have indicated willingness to invest in additional units within the franchise.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) was originally developed as a customer satisfaction rating. In this context, the score measures the satisfaction of franchisees and divides them into three groups; Detractors, Passives and Promoters. The NPS represents the difference between the proportion of Promoters (enthusiastic, positive franchisees) and Detractors (dissatisfied franchisees). Home Instead’s NPS was +69, which is more than double the Franchise Sector Benchmark of +34.