Australian CEO calls on business leaders to support contact-tracing app


The CEO of the world’s largest pool servicing company has thrown his support behind the Australian Government’s soon-to-be-released contact-tracing app. 


Poolwerx founder John O’Brien said he would encourage all of Poolwerx’s workforce to download and use the app and urged other business leaders to follow suit. 


“Our brand’s purpose is ‘for healthy pool people’ and with Aussie families turning home into the place they work, study and play then we need to help them keep their backyard pools safe. With so many of our team in the field, the contact-tracing app will help protect our team members, help protect our clients, and help protect the whole community,” Mr O’Brien said.


“While it’s no silver bullet, the app is a crucial tool to help limit the spread of the virus as Australia looks to safely ease lockdowns and their associated burden to the economy. We know Australians want to go back to work and shop, and the app enables them to do so more safely. 


“There is, of course, a time and place for concerns around privacy, which have been now addressed by the government. But the focus right now needs to be on protecting our health and getting our economy back on track. The app is a key part of that puzzle as more industries come back online. 


“Our government wants at least 40 per cent of Australians to download the contact tracing app, we have a big mountain to climb. We Australians can sometimes be a cautious bunch when it comes to privacy, but I think the general public understands the importance of faster contact tracing in stopping the virus’ spread.


“From our floods to our fires, we’ve shown the true Australian ANZAC spirit is one of camaraderie and mateship, we do rally in times of crisis. I believe though times brought on by the pandemic will see us all band together. I hope all Australians do the right thing and download the app to help keep the community safe. 


“Internally I’ll be encouraging our 600+ workforce in Australia to download and use the app as it becomes available, and I hope other businesses will follow suit, particularly those with a large mobile workforce. 


“Australia and New Zealand have been two of the most successful countries in controlling the outbreak to date. While our geography has certainly played a part, we also were quick in putting in place tough restrictions that proved successful.


“At Poolwerx, we went hard and early on health and safety practices and quickly implemented stringent sanitation procedures in-store and out on the field to reduce the spread of the virus and help flatten the curve nationally. 


“We are continuing to educate our clients and the broader community about the importance of keeping 1.5m apart, and of increased sanitation and social distancing measures. We have also set up a range of contact-free retail and service options including retail counter shields to ensure we can keep Australia’s pools and spas safe while protecting the health and wellbeing of our teams, our clients are the community.”


“While we might not be health workers on the frontline, we still have an essential role to play in the backline – not only to keep Australia’s pools healthy but also to keep the broader community safe.”