Retail Innovations is a world renowned book released annually by Ebeltoft Group, containing the most innovative and exciting retailers from all over the world that year. Hundreds of retailers are nominated by consultancy businesses in more than 25 mature and emerging retail markets across the globe, which then go through a scrutinising judging process before the finalists make the publication.

Retail advisors, Retail Doctor Group are the elected Australian member of this prestigious alliance of consultancy companies, and this year nominated over 10 home-grown innovators of which 2 have made it into the publication and won Innovation Awards alongside the likes of Ikea, Whole Foods Brooklyn and Rebecca Minkoff. 

Out of hundreds of innovative retail case studies submitted from around the world, Australian retailers Sneakerboy and SumoSalad have been awarded the title of Australian Innovators of the Year by Ebeltoft Group consultants.

“A massive congratulations to the Sneakerboy and SumoSalad teams” said Brian Walker, CEO of Retail Doctor Group. “The integration of technology and mobility, as well as a unique physical retail experience, redefines what it is to be truly omni-channel. Sneakerboy is a homegrown Australian retail innovation, showcasing a new generation of thinking and redefining retail.

“SumoSalad’s Green Label store experience is not only innovative but creates a feeling of trust around the brand. With the fresh produce grown and displayed in-store, consumers are confident of its freshness and quality and, therefore, willing to invest in a healthier alternative to other fastfood chains. By building these foundations of trust, the retailer is creating sustainable brand loyalty, which can be built upon as the concept spreads across the whole business. Both retailers are well deserving winners of this award”

These award winners also sit as front-runners in the three key trend categories, identified by Ebeltoft members that have rocked the retail world in the past 12 months:

          Passion for food

          Low inventory

          Second-hand/no waste

To find out more about these three trend categories, the global award winners and to obtain a copy of Retail Innovations 11 please click here.