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BabyBallers Academy is a sensational international premier kids soccer brand launching in Australia.

The business started back in 2015 by football enthusiast Rich Elms in Chelmsford, Essex and quickly became a popular extra curricular activity for young children, with a love for football and soccer all over the UK. After a very successful start and a growing interest in the business model, the team behind the BabyBallers Academy started franchising in 2017.

The brand is known for its bright bold colours (and the Bobby Baller logo) and aims to improve child development through sporting activities for girls and boys, ranging from 16 months, all the way through to 5 years old. The toddler-friendly classes are carefully created to help improve coordination, movement, balance and strength.

It’s a family-friendly business with Rich’s brother, Chris Elms, involved in BabyBaller’s franchise expansion plans. He believes that the brand is ready to take the pitch and offer an exclusive franchise opportunity to Australians, saying that; “We started talking to DC Strategy about launching down under in early 2020 and had to rearrange our timelines after Covid delayed some of the processes. We’re now at the perfect position to get things started and already have interested franchise partners ready to kick-off.”

The BabyBallers team have cemented their place in the global children’s sports development market, with more than 50 locations around England and almost 20 locations in Belgium, after signing a Master Franchise Agreement last year.

The popular UK-born kids soccer franchise is now ready to put their match-making skills into action to find the perfect state master partners and franchisees in Australia. The team plan to open their first Australian locations later this year, with the goal of having a presence in major cities and regional areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Ready to take the pitch?

The team has built an award-winning business model that offers a low-entry cost and is packed with continued training and support from head office, as well as a specifically-created management portal for all franchisees to access marketing materials including stock images, leaflets, banners, brand guidelines and social media content.

James Young, Head of Sales and Development at DC Strategy has joined forces with BabyBallers to help recruit new franchise partners in Australia. He thinks it’s a fantastic addition to the franchise consulting firm’s list of franchise partnerships, saying that; “BabyBallers help get children ready for not only soccer but for their future lives at school and beyond. Having three children myself, I can absolutely see the benefits of integrating this business into our local neighbourhoods. We have already seen an influx of enquiries and we look forward to helping this incredible brand grow in Australia and potentially New Zealand too!”

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