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Bakers Delight

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Baking since 1980, Bakers Delight is one of Australia’s best known and loved bakery brands.

As Bakers Delight enters its 40th year in business, the brand is stronger than ever with over 600 bakeries across Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Business Franchise magazine spoke with the team at Bakers Delight about their success, ongoing innovation and passion to delight their customers.


Can you share some key product sales stats with us?

Our most popular item by far is the Hi-Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf. Families love it because it looks like a white bread, but offers plenty of fibre, generates longer lasting energy and tastes great. In 2019 we sold over 10 million loaves so it must be good.


What happens to the unused product?

All of our franchisees are strongly connected to the community around them and go out of their way to support those groups that need a helping hand, from local sporting clubs and schools through to major charities and welfare organisations. Wherever possible our end of day waste is donated to an organisation that is working toward building a better community.


How many team members does a franchisee typically require?

A typical bakery would employee 15 –30 (casual and full time) staff depending on turnover and volume sold. This would include bakers, apprentices, retail staff and sometimes a Bakery Manager.


How are bakery staff trained?

All of our staff are trained to varying levels depending upon the engagement of their employment. Bakers Delight has created a dedicated e-learning platform called ‘Breaducate’. This valuable resource allows Franchisees to track staff training module completion in crucial areas such as OH&S, marketing campaigns and food handling, to name a few.


What does the ideal site look like?

Located in a strip, shopping centre or mall is ideal. A good site must have a supermarket nearby, a fresh food offering and convenient parking and local transport.


How many new bakeries do you plan to open in the next five years?

In the short term, our growth strategy focusses on our Canadian and USA expansion which is going very well.

In New Zealand, our goal is to ensure we are ready to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. That means sourcing the right location (ideally in an area we don’t already have a presence in), having the right operator ready to step in and alignment with the right food and convenience offer.


What new business models are in the pipeline?

In 2020, Bakers Delight will celebrate its 40th anniversary, so we know our model works and works well. We are always on the lookout to innovate in both the way we do things and our product offering. 


Bakers Delight is currently looking for individuals with the passion and drive to build a successful business of their own with one of Australia’s most loved brands.

If you’d like to enquire about purchasing an established bakery or a brand new Bakers Delight, please visit