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Here’s an affordable business that’s been established for over 35 years and is ideally suited for a husband and wife team working from home.

Bathroom Werx is a unique system in terms of Franchising as the Franchisor is in a genuine partnership with his Franchisee by taking responsibility for some of the aspects of running the Franchisee’s business.

The System enables Franchisees to get on with the day to day work of making old bathrooms look like new as well as concentrating on their local area marketing leaving the Franchisor to do a lot of the admin tasks.

This is achieved by centralizing calls from all over Australia to our Melbourne Head Office call centre operation. Calls are answered by our professionally trained staff who can assist Customers with their enquiries immediately.

“Franchisees have given us access to their daily calendars so we can respond immediately to a Customer’s request for a job or a quote appointment with a definite time and date,” says CEO George Yammouni.

“This level of service impresses Customers who are not used to this sort of customer service when dealing with the trades.”

Bathroom Werx’s unique booking systems means that Customers are given an exact time and date of when they can expect their Franchisee to arrive.

The other great benefit for Franchisees is that they are not tied to the phone all day long. This means they do not have to stop doing their work to answer the phone. Sometimes Franchisees can get up to 20 calls per day which would cause delays to finishing their jobs and therefore impact on their sales for the week if they had to answer every incoming call.

One of the things that attracted Perth Franchisee Darren Egan was the fact that he did not have to set up an expensive infrastructure to run the business. “No need for an office set up with phones, desks, computers, fax machines, etc. Everything is run from the Melbourne Call Centre and they inform me of any jobs or quotes I have to do each day,” says Darren.

“They also send out invoices for any commercial jobs I do and chase up debtors for me. This means when I get home after work, I can relax with my family without the worry of any admin work.”

Franchisees make money by completing bathroom makeovers for their Customers – the more they can finish in a week, the more money they can make.

The restraints that prevent this from happening are marketing and operational issues like confirming jobs, answering phones, sending out marketing materials, following up on quotes done, etc.

By taking over these functions for Franchisees they then become more productive and therefore make more money.

Bathroom Werx Franchisees in Australia would renovate an average of 100 bathrooms every week. The Group are currently celebrating their 34th Birthday and are offering “INTEREST FREE LOANS” to people that interested in becoming part of the network.

The entry costs are low as the Franchise Fee is only $35K and that includes plant, equipment, stock, uniforms, stationery, and a 4-week training course. As part of their Birthday celebrations they are also providing finance (to approve applicants) of up to $20K on 5-year interest free loans.

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