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A beacon of positivity – how Australia’s official lotteries support retailers and customers during times of adversity

It has been an unprecedented time in the Australian retail landscape, with many businesses across the country feeling the impacts of not only the devastating bushfires but the COVID-19 outbreak.

While many companies, small businesses and customers have had to change their everyday routine and adapt, the Lott, Australia’s official lotteries, is continuing to operate as normal to support its community.

For over one hundred years, the Lott has brought Australians the dream of winning “the big one”, with regular scheduled draws, exciting jackpot events and engaging Instant Scratch-Its tickets.

While there is currently a level of uncertainty across the country, one thing customers and the Lott franchisees can be certain of is the Lott will continue to deliver daily lottery draws and exciting Instant Scratch-Its games, bringing hope and the possibility of a life-changing win to millions of players across Australia.  

The Lott General Manager Lotteries Retail Antony Moore said the Lott took its obligation to its players and retailers seriously and the team were working hard to do everything they could to conduct business as usual during these unprecedented times.


“For us, the most important thing during this time of uncertainty is to be a reliable, beacon of positivity for both our players and our retailers,” he said.


“To do this, we are ensuring that we are operating as normal, while adhering to government requirements, and with the cooperation of our government regulators, our suppliers and distribution services, and our staff.


“The lottery industry is heavily regulated, and we are required to conduct each lottery draw under the supervision of government officials and key lottery personnel. We have an ongoing and dynamic plan in place to ensure these people are kept safe, healthy and supported during this time, so they can fulfil their roles of conducting life-changing lottery draws.


“Our distribution warehouses are also operating as normal, ensuring our retailers receive up-to-date point-of-sale, products and stock so they can continue to promote our offers to those customers dreaming of a massive windfall.


“For those players who do score that life-changing windfall, or any divisional wins, our Prize Administration team are paying prizes every business day, ensuring that those wins are landing in peoples bank accounts.


“We are also continuing our marketing and promotional activities. This not only reminds customers of what our retailers offer but it lets retailers know that we are planning for a robust, exciting future.


“We have also developed a dedicated campaign letting our customers know that we are open for business, and they are able to buy multi-week and advanced entries if they are wanting to stagger their visits to store. This ensures our retailers not only get their regular sales, but also provides customers with a safe alternative while self-isolating.


Mr Moore said retailers were taking advantage of the support offered by a dedicated team at the Lott, which provided ongoing assistance and advice throughout the year.


“All of our retailers have a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) who works with them on a regular basis on how to best grow their sales and reach their potential in the current retail environment. These BDMs will be ensuring they do all they can during this time to help support their stores through virtual visits and remote support,” he said.


“Not only do retailers have dedicated BDMs, they also have the ongoing support from our central office team, which provides regular, up-to-date communication and information.


“With the environment continually evolving, the Lott marketing team is actively reviewing advertising channels and messages to best support retailers. This includes increasing the prominence of the call-to-action for Australians to visit retail outlets if they are able.”


The Lott is proud to have Australia’s largest retail franchise network of over 3,800 stores and will continue to support each of these businesses now and into the future.