Best Franchises For Young Entrepreneurs


Young graduates enthused with an entrepreneurial spirit are the vertebra of economies around the globe. With all the positive energies, these young lads at times lack the necessary business acumen. Choosing the right business franchise, investing wisely and grabbing a real opportunity is the key. So, let’s turn your dreams into reality with the franchises mentioned below.

The competition is growing thicker with each passing day

The market capitalization in almost all sectors is prevalent—no wonder why young franchise owners have too many options available in every aspect. Choosing from the vibrant business opportunities pool becomes tricky at times. So, do your homework first. Evaluate businesses. Get answers to all necessary questions. What is the franchise fee? What are the market size and potential growth? Look out for each detail. Check out the financial inflows. Keep an eye on the litigation. Yes, there is much research involved in the process. During the process, if you are afraid of missing your college assignments’ deadlines, look for help online. Find a reliable writing service that offers university essays for sale. It will take care of your study burden.

Coming back to the main topic, below is a list of few best franchise opportunities for young Grads. Remember, these are evaluated strictly on potential success parameters.

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Great news for all the sports fans out there! Recruit is a valued and authentic high school news and information platform. Mostly run by high school recruiters, this database has the best athletic talent pool. If you are a young entrepreneur and data analyst; recruit is your best first opportunity to get into the industry. Your recruited talent might be the next big sports star in the country.

Besides, if you are good with numbers, a math nerd, a stats lover; you would not want to miss this lucky chance. The best part is the low startup cost which is $20,000. So, set your goals and get started.

Pet Care

Pet lovers are plenty in numbers and are growing nine folds. If you are a pet lover and also possesses an entrepreneurial mindset, pet care is the best franchise to grab. This business started of necessity; Paul Mann had to go for vacations and wanted his pet to be taken care of. Today pet care is providing dog walking and pet sitting services across the country. It is considered to be a 42 billion dollars industry and ranked seventh fastest-growing in America. Young entrepreneurs are jumping onto the bandwagon because of its low investment and low-risk equation.

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Personal Training Institute

Obesity is one big issue in the US. Millions of people require personal training and fitness regimes. Another billion-dollar industry is opening its doors for young entrepreneurs to chip in with their share to make it big. The initial investment is around$50,000 (a bit on the higher side, however, less in terms of opening a full-fledged gym or a training centre. Young graduates are getting into this energetic and healthy business. Personal fitness regime, registered dietitian and experienced nutrition are value addition as compared to the normal gym facility. Low-risk factor also makes personal training institutes a great business franchise opportunity.

Computer Troubleshooters

Growing up in this technologically advanced age gives youngsters an edge. Tech-savvy young blood is minting considerable profits in this area. Even simple know-how about computers will do it. Hence, Computer Troubleshooters is an excellent start for all the computer geeks. Furthermore, it also has all-inclusive training programs and tutorials. Franchise network is so huge that it covers all continents except Antarctica. Computer Troubleshooters have a home-based model as well as a service centre mode—plenty of comfortable home-based working for young professionals available through this platform. Computer Troubleshooters is indeed one excellent franchise opportunity for young, technology-savvy entrepreneurs.

Merry Maids

With a minimum entry investment of $25,000, merry maids made it to our list of the best business franchises.

This home cleaning service is one of the largest and well-known enterprises in the US. Over 40 years now into the cleaning service, it has also expanded. The company now offers packing and moving services as well. Low risk, colossal scope and supported by the most extensive cleaning operations in the world, merry maids is indeed the first choice for young entrepreneurs.

Christmas Decor

Love celebrating Christmas? Well, who doesn’t! Christmas Decor offers a unique opportunity to individuals looking for a seasonal business. Are you one of them? Opt for this franchise opportunity. It focuses on the commercial and residential real estates’ seasonal decor. If you opt for this franchise, you will have to deal with everything from decorating to removing. Are you already a franchise owner of an outdoor business? Christmas Decor is the best option for you if you run that business in the warmer months.  It is also one of the best franchises for young entrepreneurs because it allows you to be creative and flexible for other things. If you are bad at writing essays, professionals from Edu Jungles can help you with that.


Want to do something good for the environment while making money out of it? Opt for a franchise that works towards a better environment. This is not only profitable but also good for the planet Earth. Doing business with social responsibility, GroOraganic is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

It has a minimum investment of $10,000 and is a great head start. The owners of the franchise assist in growing organic through establishing gardens and house backyards; later, they sell harvested vegetables. This makes it one of the good franchises to open.

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CareMinders Home Care

This is yet another best franchise to start for young entrepreneurs. Don’t have a medical background? No worries! You can still invest in a franchise that provides home services and skilled care for the disabled and older people.

According to statistics, the elderly population will increase to about 77 million in the next 14 years. So, why not invest in this market? This is one of the industries that will have the biggest growth in the near future. So, if you’re a young entrepreneur, a non-medical care company is probably one of the best options for you.

Speaking of care companies, CareMinders offers around ten various revenue streams. This means you’re in an excellent position to achieve sustainable cash flow, irrespective of your demographics.

There are many other options available if you are looking to own a franchise. Nonetheless, the options mentioned above are more manageable and flexible for young adults with all kinds of background. So, review your options carefully before locking your final decision.

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