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BK’s Gymnastics franchise introduces new programs, broadening appeal of the sport

BK’s Gymnastics is rolling out new programs creating a clear pathway for gymnasts, strengthening the early years program and introducing new options for adults and seniors.

“For children under five, the programs establish stronger key skills for a future in gymnastics,” said BK’s gymnastics CEO Mark Rendell.

“A program for children with additional needs is also being introduced. Classes are one-on-one or smaller groups to suit all levels of mental and physical ability and allow for a parent/carer to participate. 

“We’re also introducing adult and seniors programs, to prove it’s never too late to start or revisit a childhood passion.”

The new programs are structured as follows:

  • Little Stars programs for 3 months to 5 years offering fun, gymnastics programs that teach skills little ones. 
  • Gym FUNdamentals programs for children 5 to 8 years old who want to have fun whilst developing gymnastics skills.
  • The Club Gym program is for children 9 to 13+ years. Focus on developing coordination, strength, flexibility and balance. 
  • The Ninja Stars program is for children 5 to 10+ years and combines elements of gymnastics, parkour, leaping and tricking. 
  • All Star Academy is for competitive artistic gymnastics training, providing a pathway through the National Levels Program. 
  • Super Stars is a program for children with additional needs. The classes are smaller and specialist coaches work closely with parents and carers.
  • Stronger Seniors is a low-impact movement class that incorporates the benefits of gymnastics into a movement program. 
  • High Flyer Adult classes are for students 16 and older with little or a lot of gymnastics experience.