Blow Dry Bar


We knew there had to be a better option than paying $60+at a traditional salon, or going to a discount chain. Busy women need an express service, without the heavy price tag. We created one and are now the largest and fastest growing concept of its kind in the world.

You featured on Channel 9’s ‘A Current Affair’ program, hopefully for all the righ reasons?

Definitely for all the right reasons! Our Facebook group went into overdrive once we launched the company in 2009, leading the Sydney Morning Herald to do an article on our concept. Channel 9 then featured us on ‘A Current Affair’. The initial story received such a huge response, they did a follow up story in 2010. With so much investor interest, this led into franchising the same year.

What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchise profile? Do they need to be a hairdresser?

Our franchisees don’t require any hairdressing experience at all. We source, trial and train staff for all our franchisees. We recruit franchisees who are ambitious, passionate about our brand and who would like to secure their financial future by joining one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia.

Where are your current locations/territories? How about new sites?

We currently have nine locations Australia wide. The first salon opened in Sydney two and a half years ago. We have been inundated with enquiries and are currently busy finding sites to match the high demand. We plan to open a further 15 salons within 12 months in Australia and New Zealand and 150 salons across Australia in the next five years.

How has the company grown so quickly?

Simply, our franchises are very profitable in a short period of time. Apart from rent and labour, our overheads are minimal. Hence our existing franchisees are now looking for second sites.

Is it true you are providing finance to suitable franchisees?

Yes that is correct. Blow Dry Bar now offers suitable franchisees access to private finance. We know how tough the banks can be when it comes to lending money these days. We have so much confidence in our business model, we offer financing to franchisees who successfully complete our recruitment process.

How do you look after your franchisees?

Our Blow Dry Bar salons are fully systemised. We have our own in-house PR team and our advertising and promotions are unique and edgy. Each salon has its own dedicated business development manager, to ensure the highest standards of service and consistency are reached across our franchise network and, of course, to make sure each franchise is profitable.

You also mentioned that you have two types of investment opportutnities?

Yes, we do have two franchise models available. We have our kiosk style Blow Dry Bar, which we are rolling out in shopping centres across Australia. These are compact, located in high traffic areas and only require 25sqm of space. Initial start-up costs run around $65,000. We also have the traditional Blow Dry Bar salon. This requires 50sqm to 80sqm and investment levels are around $120,000.

What are the plans for Blow Dry Bar in the next few years?

Trying to keep up with consumer demand for our brand, international expansion is on the cards as we receive just as much interest from the U.S, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

For more information contact Nathan at:

Phone: 0413 361 214