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A new integrated campaign launches today for Oporto’s $10 Meal Deal which stems directly from the brand’s Portuguese origins. In line with the spicy nature of the brand’s famous sauces, the Portuguese headlines when translated reveal some appropriately spicy humour at work.

Oporto’s media agency Bohemia developed the campaign in collaboration with creative collective The Glue Society. The campaign aims to re-engage consumers through the authentic Portuguese story of the brand – and put the focus back on great tasting food at exceptional value.

In her first campaign as Head of Marketing for Oporto, Vanessa Rowed wanted the agencies to push the boundaries with a fully integrated campaign that played to Oporto’s Portuguese heritage

“We are a youthful brand with undeniably delicious food and an irreverent spirit with our heritage at our core. We summarize this, our character, as Spicy Portuguese. Boho and Glue have successfully taken this campaign to a literal and exuberant execution.”

Using landmark outdoor, transit sites and digital media, Oporto celebrate the tasty and generous $10 meal deals, with a series of Spicy Portuguese headlines. These Portuguese headlines perfectly marry the personality and sense of humour as well as highlighting the flavour and deliciousness of the food.

Participation is encouraged as the campaign gives the audience the chance to translate the Portuguese headlines seen across the country into English using mobile phones via text or Shazam technology. This digitally led journey allows the audience to enjoy the spicy humour of the brand – and takes them directly to a Spicy Portuguese campaign hub where they can create their own spicy headlines (verified by Google Translate) and share with their network of friends. Each creative has a unique response chain making the engagement specific to the user.

Glue Society’s Luke Crethar and Pete Baker ‘For us, this project was an opportunity for us to let our hair down and use new technology to make the simple idea of running ads in Portuguese come to life in an entirely new and shareable way. We’ve given people the chance to enjoy the hidden humour first hand via apps and text – and are then letting them take the reins through their own social channels.’

In today’s world, it is imperative to switch the dial and allow consumers true participation to have their ‘Say’, led through both paid and unpaid, to deliver a virtuous circle of digital buzz. Oporto wants to continue to add value customer’s lives, and letting them create content is one way to authentically engage.

Bohemia’s Rosie Plunton & Jonny Cordony ‘The brief we strive to receive as agencies was realised and it is refreshing to be challenged and to allow agency partners to be bold and to invest in the brands personality. Adding value to consumer’s lives was imperative, so the approach called for simplistic eco-system planning to take advantage of every connection having a subsequent connection, and why not design it to stop customers, create intrigue and shock them along the way.’

Oporto Spicy Portuguese campaign will run for the next 8 weeks across Outdoor, Digital, Social, Influencer networks and through content creation.


Agency/Media Agency: Bohemia

Creative Partner: The Glue Society

Creative Origination & Direction: The Glue Society’s Pete Baker, Jonathan Kneebone & Luke Crethar

Campaign Strategy & Management: Bohemia’s Jonny Cordony, Rosie Plunton, Alaura Krueger

Content Production: Bohemia’s Sally Hickson & Cameron Roberts

Media Implementation: Bohemia’s Amy Araullo, Alexandra Thomas & James Turner