Book Review: The Australian Franchising Handbook


This article appeared in Issue 1#3 (Mar/Apr 2007) of Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand

The Australian Franchising Handbook
by Richard Evans
Published: April 2006, Wright Books
RRP AUS$29.95
Distributed by: Dennis Jones & Associates P/L


Since colonization, the Aussie dream is to own your own home and to be your own boss. Richard Evans, author of The Australian Franchising Handbook offers potential franchisees an insight into the stages required to bring the fledgling dream of small business ownership to fruition. He also writes on subjects such as choosing the correct franchise for you, meeting government regulations, as well as pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of franchise ownership.

This book empowers you to take your first tentative steps.

Richard Evans is CEO of the Franchise Council of Australia. Through his experience as a franchisee, small business operator, management trainer, corporate manager and federal politician, he presents a comprehensive guide for those considering the franchisee option. It is a motivating book containing sound advice. Support and counsel has also been resourced from a wide range of professionals who excel in areas such as:

  • Franchise law
  • Resolving disputes through mediation
  • Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Franchising education needs

This book explains how and where to research, where to get reputable, professional advice and how to strategize and plan your foray into sometimes unfamiliar territory.

‘Business is risky’ Richard explains, but armed with comprehensive research and reliable advice from proven sources, you are well on the way to realising your dream.

‘Retain the passion but resist the urge to act quickly’— good advice when there is much at stake.

Richard sets out the benefits of being part of a large network of like-minded colleagues operating within defined areas and with the added advantage of ongoing training and support.

Life after a franchise

Not only does this book cover planning and setting up a franchise business, it also has advice for those who wish to renew their franchise agreement, or for whatever reason, those who choose to sell.

Much of the risk in becoming a franchisee can be removed by being prepared and diligent in your research. The Australian Franchising Handbook reveals a multitude of support options and advice available when seeking the great Australian dream of becoming your own boss.