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Bricks & Clicks Forum answers franchisor questions on technology and the franchise relationship

An interactive Forum enabling franchisor executives to discuss how technology is changing their business models, is being held on June 7th in Melbourne.

Organised by the Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI), the Forum features a combination of franchisor case studies and leading experts in omni-channel retail, digital marketing, eCommerce and the use of technology to improve franchisee productivity.

FRI’s Founder, Greg Nathan, says franchise companies have an extra layer of complexity in how they address threats and opportunities in the digital and technology space.

“Not only do they need to make smart choices in the technology they use, they also have to bring their franchisees on the journey with them. Franchisees tend to be skeptical whenever they are asked to take on initiatives involving extra cost, inconvenience or risk, and when it comes to introducing new technology, you have all three in spades” he says.

“This can leave franchisors scratching their heads on how to proceed, as we all know the best strategy in the work will fail if it doesn’t have the support of the people who have the implement it. This issue is touching all industries – not just retail.”

The Bricks and Clicks Forum includes case studies of how franchisors have introduced omni-channel marketing strategies which enables customers to interact with the brand at several touch points – some managed by the franchisor and some managed by franchisees. For instance:

  •  Glyn Parry, Head of Marketing for JAX Tyres, will explain how the JAX “Click and Fit” strategy has revolutionised the way customers buy tyres from its franchisees, using a franchisor controlled eCommerce site.
  • Dominic Panetta, Head of Marketing at Howard’s Storage World, will discuss how a new generation customer loyalty program that integrates franchisor and franchisee delivered content, is delivering huge benefits for franchisees and customers.
  •  David Bell, Managing Director of Kwik Kopy, and Steve Keil, Managing Director of Laser Electrical, will share their lessons introducing cutting edge technology to improve franchisee productivity – one using licensed platforms and the other built internally.

The Forum also features a range of leading Australian subject matter experts. Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chair of the ACCC will talk about the implications of how franchisors are using new technology might impact on enforcement of the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Experts in digital marketing, eCommerce, omni-channel retailing, app development and logistics will also conduct break out workshops to share new trends in their areas and answer participant questions.

Greg Nathan says the big questions to be explored at the Forum include “How can franchisors ensure their brand is delivering the customer experience in fresh and relevant ways?” “What technology should franchisors be thinking of introducing?” “Who should pay for it?” and “How do franchisors ensure franchisees are using the technology effectively?”

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