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Brumby’s Bakers Attend Innovation Training

What will be the next best thing since sliced bread? The proverbial sliced bread is an innovation that has stood the test of time, but in coming months Brumby’s bakers, franchisees and managers across Australia will meet to discuss the future of baking and bread.

Brumby’s Product Development Team is touring Australia to meet with Brumby’s team members to workshop the latest innovations in baking techniques, current consumer trends and the science behind the latest bread recipes.

Throughout April and May Brumby’s bakers from Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Gold Coast and Brisbane will take part in an innovation and food science training session.

Brumby’s Bakery Managing Director Steve Pagett said that it was important for all bakers to realise the importance of continuing to improve the entire baking process.

“While a lot of people might not notice the changes, even staples like bread have to evolve to suit changing consumer trends and tastes,” said Steve.

“We’re taking our innovation and food science training across the country to ensure our bakers stay ahead of the game and are providing the best possible customer experience.

“Upskilling and training is important to Brumby’s and we are excited to be bringing this training program and innovation workshop to our bakers across the country.”

Local bakers will also be entering into a bake off at the training, with each store asked to submit a nominated bread product and cheddar mite scroll for judging. The loaves and scrolls are then scored against the strict Brumby’s criteria, and a local winner is announced.

Scores from across Australia will be collected over the year and a national winner will be announced at Retail Food Group’s International Conference on the Gold Coast in September.