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Brumby’s Celebrates $10 Million in Donations

The end of a busy day at Brumby’s bakeries across the country often marks what some might call the store’s most special hour. Regularly, franchisees bundle up leftover loaves for donation to various local charity groups, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

Brumby’s estimates that over ten million dollars worth of bread has been donated by its 280 outlets in 2013 to local groups, including organisations like Rosies street vans and The Salvation Army.

Brumby’s Bakery Managing Director Kevin Waite said he was proud of Brumby’s franchisees for being so generous over the year.

“Brumby’s has a long history of donating bread to our communities because we bake fresh every day and therefore often have excess loaves at the end of trade,” said Mr Waite.

“Locally owned and operated, our franchisees are encouraged to support the groups, shelters and organisations in their community that are helping the less fortunate.

“I am extremely proud of our franchisee community for donating more than ten million dollars worth of product in just one year.”

Brumby’s donates excess bread and bread rolls to church groups, homeless and womens shelters and soup kitchens to assist in feeding the many people using the groups services.

Mr Waite said local partnerships with charity groups provided stores with an avenue to make sure their products were not wasted while also benefiting the community.

“It’s a sustainable solution to having leftover stock at the end of the day and provides much needed assistance for those who are less fortunate in our community,” said Mr Waite.

“Donating our leftover products has become integral to many local breakfast, late night and street van initiatives as breads and bread rolls are a filling staple food and form a great base for sandwiches, sausage sizzles and breakfast rolls.”

As well as donating to local charities, Brumby’s franchisees also support the local community through various fundraisers and sponsorships year round.

Brumby’s Bakery is part of Australia’s largest multi‐food franchise operator Retail Food Group (RFG). With more than 105 million customer visits a year RFG owns the Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery, Michel’s Patisserie, bb’s café, Esquires, The Coffee Guy, Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen and Crust Gourmet Pizza franchise systems. In addition, the Company roasts more than 1.2m kilograms of coffee annually through the Evolution Coffee Roasters Group, Caffe Coffee and Barista’s Choice coffee brands.