Bubble tea franchise brewing in Melbourne



This spring, fans will be able to get their favourite bubbly drink at a new store opening in Westfield Plenty Valley. The lively shopping centre is situated in the suburb of Mill Park in Melbourne.

The Little Cha’s first store opened in 2017 with a mission to westernise bubble tea and bring its delicious fruity flavours to the Australian population. To date, the company has 10 successful stores in popular locations across New South Wales and Western Australia, as well as an international location in Taiwan.

Founder of The Little Cha said, ‘The bubble tea industry has extreme growth potential. If you look back to five years ago bubble tea was a concept very fresh and unknown to Australians, compared to now where the product is a known and loved staple in Australian’s diets. Whilst there is still a focus on the Asian demographic, we know and believe that there is room for growth for the western demographic also.’


‘Australians love anything fresh, fruity and trendy. We have combined those three things into one brand. Not to mention, the popularity of Asian brands and concepts in Australia, as a nation we are very open to trying new things. We have a goal to become a core part of the Australian lifestyle.’

‘Around 70 per cent of The Little Cha customer-base originates from a westernised culture – this is a very good indication that we are reaching our goals and target market. We have tailored our flavours and bubble tea varieties to suit everyone but have especially focused on providing popular and recognisable options to cater for people from a westernised background.’