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Building a career, not just a job: Employee retention in a world of job hopping

The rise of job hopping among workers is changing the landscape of employment, with companies needing to adapt their retention strategies to keep employees engaged.

Clearly, retention needs a renewed focus, with research showing that staff turnover increased for over half (58%) of employers last financial year with a third believing this will accelerate this year. It’s been a challenging three years for businesses, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as employed people’s needs and wants change meaning employee retention has become critical for Australian businesses. 

A high turnover of staff costs time, effort and money with businesses spending approximately 1.5 times their annual salary on finding a replacement, which is coupled with a loss in knowledge, skills and productivity.

However, Brooks Australia has been going against the grain, with the average worker being employed for more than nine years. 

Cathy Brand, CEO of Brooks Australia, says employee retention begins with getting things right from the outset.

“Companies that recognise the key priorities for their employees can proactively design policies and culture that foster employee retention. This involves staying connected, actively listening, engaging with employees, and understanding their perspectives,” Brand says.

“Today’s workforce has developed new attitudes to how they work. There is a big emphasis on how work fits into their lives including family time, autonomy in their roles and flexibility in where they work, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“There are a few simple strategies all companies can implement that don’t involve money. Employees are looking for good management, good work relationships, to be engaged and satisfied with their roles.”