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Cafe2U pitches in as Daniel’s story goes national

Cerebral Palsy sufferer Daniel Clark is a 17-year-old young man whose obvious day-to-day challenges haven’t inhibited his lust for life nor caring spirit. From Terrey Hills on Sydney’s North Shore, he is a tireless worker for charity and along with his brother, has raised over $700,000 to save the Orangutans. They have published a book and been given the new Pride of Australia award.Daniel has been recognised by US President Barrack Obama for his conservation efforts and been visited at home by former Prime Minister John Howard. 

But even the most determined campaigners need a helping hand sometimes – particularly those with a debilitating condition like Daniel’s. 

This week Daniel was given that help courtesy of A Current Affair, which was contacted by Daniel originally. He emailed the show asking for help; he wanted a walker and some walls knocked down in hishome to get around.  

 What he got was the biggest surprise renovation ever performed by ACA. A three-month renovation jammed into a one-week period was a big ask, but one that was delivered. 

 An incredible 55 businesses and suppliers chipped in their time, materials and labour to contribute to the cause. Numbered among those was Michael Dolahenty, owner of Cafe2U Cromer-Dee Why, who kindly offered his time and many coffees to the workers during this great event.

 “Like all of the suppliers it is something I felt moved to be involved in. It was an incredibly rewarding experience,” Mr. Dolahenty said.

 “At the moment because Daniel’s home is two stories and he can’t get his wheelchair up the stairs, so this was one project that was absolutely necessary. It is great to know that this project has made a difference to Daniel and his family’s lives.”