Cafe2U plans Victorian expansion after RFG acquisition


The recent acquisition of Cafe2U by the Retail Food Group (RFG) will see an aggressive expansion drive by the international mobile coffee franchise into Victoria, as well as new franchises popping up Australia wide.

One of Australia’s largest multi-food franchise operators, RFG purchased Cafe2U in September 2014 and made further headlines with the recent acquisition of Gloria Jeans.

Australian-born and already the world’s largest mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U plans to woo Victorian franchise investors with renewed vigour given the extra brand power RFG now bring to the equation.

Improved operating procedures and running costs, including a host of integrated services under RFG’s stewardship, and the prospect of increased profit through benefits of scale for items like disposable cups and coffee, will see Cafe2U present an enhanced investment opportunity when unveiling 20 new Victorian territories.

“For Cafe2U, the RFG acquisition has been an exciting development. We will retain the essence of our existing business model with regards to training and operational support, but RFG will bring new benefits to the table for franchise investors,” said Derek Black, Managing Director of Cafe2U.

“With RFG now behind the brand, Victoria is the key market in our plans for 2015. The franchise has proven to be extremely successful in other areas of Australia, as well as internationally. We believe our new offering will appeal to Victorians like never before.”  

From a one-van coffee business, a decade on Cafe2U has become a bona fide global franchise operating in seven countries including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa and the United States.

With the new territories now available, the red vans so familiar elsewhere around the country are set to become a serious coffee provider to offices and weekend sporting events around the state. 

Cafe2U’s state of the art equipment housed in a Mercedes Benz van has been instrumental in raising the standard of mobile coffee products, along with constant staff training aiding the evolution of the ‘mobile barista.’

Cafe2U serves up 32,000 espressos everyday. It has also won numerous awards in mainstream coffee competitions, this year beating many industry heavyweights to medal at this year’s Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) awards. 

In addition to the 157 franchises  in Australia, there are 11 Cafe2U franchises  in New Zealand, 62 in the UK, five in the US and one in South Africa.