Cafe2U launched its first mobile coffee business on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2000.  The growth strategy and success of the business since its inception has been outstanding.  As the pioneer of the mobile cafe industry, Cafe2U spent five years perfecting their mobile coffee business structure and strategy.  In 2005 the franchise business model was complete and Cafe2U was relaunched in the Australian market.

In 2005 the business model was complete and Cafe2U was launched as a franchise in the Australian market.

After more than a decade in the business, Cafe2U has accumulated numerous recognitions and awards from the franchise industry. They also successfully moved onto the international playing field when they took the Cafe2U concept to UK in 2005.

By 2008 the company had its 100th franchise system and as of June 2011, Cafe2U awarded the Master Franchise for the USA. Katie Luelling is the inaugural franchisee in America and will be selling her deliciouscoffee to the folks in Bend, Oregon.

Entry into the US market is a huge and exciting step for Cafe2U and proves once again in the strength of the business model and marketing and growth strategy for the company as a whole.

“We are delighted to finally unveil the brand in America in the true operational sense. The US market represents a mature coffee market with many significant opportunities to stimulate growth,” said Cafe2U Managing Director, Derek Black.

This has in no way slowed down progress in their home market, though. Cafe2U is now a worldwide brand, but it is still Australian owned and run. Boasting over 120 franchisees so far, Cafe2U is now hoping to expand into more regional areas and are
looking for people who are seeking a conduit to a change of lifestyle.

Tracy Basman is one of Cafe2U’s franchisees who was looking for a life change. She and her husband were moving interstate and into a regional area. Along with all the complications of moving a family into a new area, Tracy was ready for a fresh start.

Tracy and her husband had 35 years combined experience in the automotive industry. Tracy was an OH&S professional, responsible for over 250 employees. With the move, it was an ideal time to go into business for herself. She and her husband Jon looked at several franchise models in a variety of industries.

“We wanted a well-known franchise that would offer us support and reasonable terms and conditions. I don’t like nasty surprises,” Tracy stated. She said she wanted a franchise she could be confident in running without any prior experience.

Tracy and Jon did their research and decided on Cafe2U. Once the decision was made and the relocation was final, Tracy said Cafe2U provided everything she needed.

“Cafe2U provided initial in-house training. This included the whole barista experience, basic bookkeeping and a whole lot of fun along the way,” commented Tracy.

“Additionally, two weeks on-the-job training is provided with a franchise development manager in the franchisees territory.”

The ‘Acceleration Package’ training program offered by Cafe2U gets franchisees up and running in no time. The first week is formal training, the second week is preparation week and the third and fourth week is in the franchisees new territory – sorting out routes and clients. An Income Guarantee is offered for the third and fourth week.

One of the best things for Tracy is the complete change of lifestyle. “I once worked 9 to 10 hour days, both the kids practically lived in daycare. My husband and I were always talking shop and not having enough
time to actually do anything.”

Tracey said, “These days, I love going to work. My customers are pleased to see me, I enjoy hearing about what they’ve been up to. The kids come on the run with me most mornings until I can drop them at school and I’m finished my run in time to pick them up also. We have freedom again!”

Over 120 Australians are now running their own successful mobile coffee van business using Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchise system, without the hassles of landlords, staff or rent.

Follow your dream of business ownership with the support of Australia’s first – and now the world’s largest – mobile coffee franchise in the fast growth coffee industry.

All exclusive territories have equal business opportunities, depending upon how many hours you wish to work. The difference is entirely up to you.

The model is built around the working week, so revenue from events and weekend activities can significantly increase earnings potential.

For more information, contact John Stanton at Cafe2U: