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Carpet Court to RizeUp in support of domestic violence survivors

Carpet Court has partnered with RizeUp Australia to help support families affected by domestic and family violence.


RizeUp furnish and decorate homes that are used as safe havens for survivors of domestic violence. They provide the necessary items needed to help families feel secure and supported during their transition into permanent homes.


Since joining the cause in May 2019, Carpet Court has donated $30,000 worth of flooring products, as well as all decorative accessories used in their latest TVC shoot, which has assisted in the furnishing of many homes.


Carpet Court CEO, James Hayward says that when they learned about the community-minded organisation through mutual brand ambassador, Shelley Craft, they realised they had the opportunity to provide meaningful support and make a difference at a grass-roots level.



“Carpet Court has always wanted to support organisations that are producing tangible outcomes through their initiatives and helping to change the lives of people who are struggling the most,” James says.


“So, when Shelley told us about the amazing work RizeUp were doing, we couldn’t wait to get involved.


“Many of the people seeking support through the organisation often feel alone and vulnerable. We hope that our contribution will help create a safe and welcoming space that these families can call home, providing them with a fresh start and leg-up needed to move forward.”



RizeUp Founder and CEO, Nicolle Edwards, says that Carpet Court’s contributions will not only assist with the development of the safe homes, but help open the conversation about domestic violence, and help other struggling families realise the services and support available.



“We believe it is essential to ensure the families are linked with the services in order to receive the vital wrap around support required to break the cycle of violence and to increase their safety and the sustainability of their decision to leave an abusive relationship.


“Carpet Court’s contributions will help nourish our resources and provide opportunities to extend our services – meaning we can reach and assist more people in need.”



But the support doesn’t stop there. Some of the Carpet Court Franchisee store owners have jumped on board and gone above and beyond to provide support in several innovative and heartfelt ways.



“Some of the teams have gone as far as obtaining police clearances and are volunteering their time and skillsets to be a part of the team on the ground who go in and furnish the houses,” James says.



While Carpet Court can’t lay claim eradicating the domestic violence epidemic in Australia, its contributions will mean that many struggling women, children and families will have the vital resources needed to end the cycle of violence.