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Celebrating franchisee success this International Women’s Day

To Gutter-Vac franchisee and mum, Kristy Pendlebury, International Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s achievements, and for Kristy, she can relate to those who are wearing many hats to do it.  

Kristy, who owns Gutter-Vac Brisbane East with her husband, Murray, began her journey with Gutter-Vac 14 years ago at the network’s head office in North Brisbane. Kristy began working in an administration role and over the years has ascended through multiple roles, to her position now in Project Management. Through her work with Gutter-Vac, which she managed across the birth of three sons, now aged 14, 12 and 10, she learnt the viability of owning a franchise.

Two years ago when Gutter-Vac Brisbane East was for sale, she and her husband knew balancing the parenting of their boys while growing a business would be a challenge, but they had to act on it.

“The former franchisee had held onto this Gutter-Vac territory for around 14 years, so we knew the next franchisees would also hold onto it for a while. So when it came up for sale, we knew it had to be us,” Kristy said.

Over two years, Kristy and Murray have grown the business; they are currently adding a second truck with the proprietary Gutter-Vac system to their business, and will soon recruit for another technician and office administrator to join their existing four-person team.

The new additions will enable Kristy and Murray to service and continue to grow their customer base as they set sights on meeting an annual revenue target of $500,000 in the next few years.

Along with being equipped with Gutter-Vac’s franchisee training and resources like each incoming franchisee, Kristy says their success with their territory can be attributed to their commitment to “putting in the effort”.

“We had the belief that if we put in the effort and believed in the system, we would enjoy the rewards, and that’s been the case for us,” Kristy said. “The opportunity is fantastic – you have to be willing and have the drive to be successful, but that’s the same as owning any business.” 

Kristy admits her career, like many other women’s, is a balancing act as a franchisee, employee and mum, but she manages and enjoys seeing the success.

“I’m quite busy – time adds up with what you put into your family, work, and I also volunteer on the committee of the local AFL club,” she said. “I really enjoy working so it’s just normal for me – I worked through all pregnancies and it’s been a part of what I do. It’s all about being adaptable and flexible and knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

“It’s great to see women achieve and they should be rewarded for that. To achieve so much while wearing many hats, is amazing,” Kristy said.  


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