Celebrity Ink partners with comedy duo


Australia’s leading tattoo brand, Celebrity InkTM, has partnered with Australian comedians, Marty and Michael, to help the duo with their most recent ‘science experiment’ which looked into the importance of proper footwear and resulting in the commitment to a new pair of life-long shoes inked onto their feet.


Known for their unique style of comedy which involves challenges, pranks, ‘science experiments’ and an impressive array of shenanigans, Marty and Michael set out to prove that tattooed shoes would be just as effective protection as real shoes to their more than four million followers on social media.


One half of Marty and Michael, Marty Sokolinski, said they had been working out the logistics for this experiment for a while to ensure nothing was left to chance, and given the permanency of tattoos they wanted to make sure their ‘shoes’ were perfect.


“Even though Michael and I are comedians, we take our brand of science very seriously even if it flies in the face of conventional science,” Mr Sokolinski said.


“From the start we knew we wanted Celebrity InkTM to create the tattoos as they have an awesome reputation for doing great work. We’ve seen their work first-hand on other comedians and entertainers, and all speak very highly of the brand,” he said.


“We were in the chairs for about 10 hours so we got to know our artists well. Needless to say, we are really happy Celebrity InkTM was able to help us draw our conclusions.”


Based on the Gold Coast, Celebrity InkTM is the world’s leading tattoo franchise with more than 20 studios across Australia, South East Asia and Europe, and have artists specialising in various tattoo styles including realism, neo traditional, geometric and trash polka.


Celebrity InkTM CEO, Mr Campos, said when the pair approached the brand to help them with what they were working on they were very curious and excited; it’s not every day someone commits to getting a full foot tattoo on both feet.


“We have a great team of artists who create tattoos  that are often very complex in design and have a strong personal meaning, so when Marty and Michael put forward their request we were more than ready to make it happen,” Mr Campos said.


“There is no denying that Marty and Michael are talented entertainers and behind the scenes they are absolute professionals with bringing their ideas to life. It was great to collaborate with them,” he said.


Celebrity InkTM studios have reopened across Australia in accordance with COVD-Safe plans, offering a range of services including tattooing, cosmetic tattoos, piercings and laser tattoo removal.


For more information about Celebrity InkTM visit – www.celebrityink.com or www.facebook.com/CelebrityInk