Chatime continues to shake it up with free tea to celebrate their 100th T-Brewery milestone


Chatime continues to shake it up with free tea to celebrate their 100th T-Brewery milestone

Australia’s fastest growing franchise, Chatime, hits a new milestone with their 100th T-Brewery opening this Saturday 24th November in Sydney’s Wentworth Point, with free fruity iced tea on offer to all customers.  With continuous double-digit growth and repeated industry recognition of their franchising model, Chatime credit their success to a brand attitude that aims to “do things differently” and doesn’t shy away from embracing a light-hearted and gently provocative attitude to iced tea.

This year, the franchise was voted as an overall top 10 Franchise system in Australia in the 2018 Top Franchise Awards by SEEK Business and 10 THOUSAND FEET against brands like Smartline Mortgage advisors, Soul Origin and Snooze, plus accolades in the Brand, Expansion, Lifestyle and Marketing categories.  Chatime has seen 4 consecutive years of double-digit growth in like for like sales (combined growth of 53.4%) and 48 new doors opened in under 2 years.

As General Manager Carlos Antonius explains, “We shake tea up!  We continually challenge the traditional perceptions of tea and constantly evolve not just the product offering, but our approach to innovation across all facets of the business.” The brand continues to garner attention through conversational advertising, including this year’s “blow me, I’m hot-tea” OOH campaign and a viral social media initiative where fans were encouraged to tattoo the Chatime logo on their “cheeks” (yes, those cheeks) in exchange for a year’s supply of iced tea.

It’s not just about the bottom line, the community is just as important. Chatime’s recent partnership with headspace aims to contribute to supporting young people across Australia and raise awareness of youth mental health and wellbeing.

Looking forward to 2019, Chatime will offer increased support to franchisees in the form of downward pressure on the cost of entry and increased ROI. The brand’s growth mindset remains strong, with a goal of 40 doors within 12 months and their sights set on 200 T-Breweries by 2020.