Choice Hotels’ franchisees raise $60,000 for youth homelessness charity


Choice Hotels Asia-Pac, one of Australia’s largest hotel franchise groups, is proud to announce that more than 210 of its franchisees have joined forces to help prevent youth homelessness, by donating over $60,000 to its charity partner, Kids Under Cover.

Last month during National Homelessness Week, participating Choice Hotels franchisees donated $2 from every night stay to Kids Under Cover. The funds will help to help improve the lives of young Australians who are either at-risk of, or are currently experiencing homelessness.

Trent Fraser, CEO of Choice Hotels Asia-Pac, said, “I’m very proud of all of our franchisees who participated in this initiative and did their bit to help combat youth homelessness. It’s great to see an increase in donations from across the country, which is building year on year, assisting our efforts to support a charity that is very close to our hearts.”

In 2015 Choice Hotels raised $50,000 for Kids Under Cover, and used the money to build a studio home that allowed a young person to return home and complete their schooling. The money Choice has raised in 2016 greatly surpasses the 2015 figure, opening up more possibilities for Kids Under Cover to leave a lasting contribution to the young people of Australia.

On any given night in Australia, more than 100,000 people experience homelessness, with many more living in insecure housing and only a few steps away from being homelessˡ. For young people experiencing homelessness, the instability can often be a never-ending cycle and is likely to end with long-term homelessness².

Daryl Somers, TV entertainer and Kids Under Cover ambassador, attended the Choice Hotels conference in Hobart last month where Choice presented the charity with a cheque for $60,000.

“I’ve been proud to be associated with Kids Under Cover for over 25 years. It’s a wonderful organisation that makes a big difference, yet there are still young people struggling to find a safe place to sleep,” Mr Somers said. “We don’t like to think of adults being homeless in Australia let alone children.”

The money Choice Hotels raised this year during National Homelessness Week will help fund Kids Under Cover studio builds and provide scholarships to support education and career training for young people.

“It’s well known that young people without safe homes are less likely to engage in education and employment, which is why it’s so important to have Kids Under Cover around. One of the reasons they are successful in their efforts is because of strong partners like Choice Hotels. It’s these partners that allow Kids Under Cover to fight against homelessness and provide a safe environment,” Mr Somers added.

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