CIBO Espresso gets customers into the fast lane


Thanks to the launch of their new App, CIBO Espresso is helping customers save time on their way into work with a new pre-order function.

Adelaide’s favourite premium coffee destination, CIBO Espresso has seen more than 10,000 coffee enthusiasts download the new App to order their daily caffeine fix.

General Manager of CIBO Espresso, Merissa Collins said the new App was created to meet evolving lifestyle demands as time and availability dictates our daily lives.

“Our customers are busier than ever and are consistently looking for ways to save time. Thanks to technology, we are now able to use our smartphone to do just that,” Merissa said.

“Building in a pre-order function along seemed only natural. It means anyone can simply order their morning usual from the convenience of their smartphone, then pop into their local CIBO Espresso to collect at a time that suits them.”

“With more than 3,000 CIBO customers already ordering weekly via the App, it’s exciting to see customers embracing the convenience the App has to offer. Put simply – it’s the way of the future in the coffee industry,” Merissa said.

The App also features the option to save their usual order and reorder at the click of a button and also allows users to manage and track their loyalty points.

CIBO Espresso is known as the ultimate daily destination for both coffee lovers and food enthusiasts, with over 32 stores around Adelaide and 1 store in Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle.

With every download users get their first coffee free, and for those that continue to order via the App, get the chance to win a Ferrari 360 Spider from November 14, 2016 until December 11, 2016.

The CIBO App is available now through App and Google Play Stores.