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Co-Founder of Anytime Fitness Australia launches new charity foundation

New charity foundation Human Kind Project, founded by Jacinta McDonell of Anytime Fitness Australia, are launching their ‘Double the Love Project’ fundraising campaign. All donations made up until November 30 will be matched dollar for dollar personally by Jacinta up to $222,000 in total donations. To ensure donations make the most impact on the ground, Jacinta also covers all administrative costs.

Human Kind Project aims to close the gap between all humans by raising funds for and on behalf of worthy and like-minded not for profit organisations. 

In 2014, Jacinta raised $111,000 for The Hunger Project Australia, which could provide 200 communities with the ability to purchase food-processing equipment, provide 2,000 people with microfinance loans that are often used by communities to buy seeds/fertiliser, and train up to 50,000 rural villagers on agricultural practices.

Jacinta then went on to visit Malawi, Africa to see firsthand what these funds could achieve. Her experience highlighted the shocking struggle of many Malawians who experience a five-month food gap every year.  Through The Hunger Project she witnessed work in Malawi that promised to end hunger by 2030 through changing the mentality of villagers from a hand-out to self-sufficiency. Jacinta said, “It is by changing the mentality from one of scarcity to feeling empowered that real change can happen”. Jacinta and her team, work tirelessly to find, fund and support work that delivers this vision.

After her trip to Malawi, Jacinta started her own foundation, the Human Kind Project. “Human Kind Project is an organization invested in mindset change; our focus is to end inequality within the global community. We do this by questioning the status quo, inspiring those who can effect change and by throwing light on the limitless possibility of the human kind.”

Through Human Kind Project, Jacinta is asking for supporters to donate to her Double the Love Project supporting The Hunger Project. Jacinta will personally match each donation dollar for dollar up to a total of $222,000.00. Donors will be supporting the work of The Hunger Project which includes advocacy for women as leaders, adult literacy, school and nursery programs, child health education for mothers and forward thinking microfinance loans to expand agricultural production and empower the people of Malawi to be the ones to end their own hunger.

Human Kind Project believes every human deserves opportunity and to help spread the word and start doubling the love, supporters are invited to draw two hearts on their palm then post the photo on social media, tagging #doubletheloveproject  #humankindproject #family2family #peopleforpurpose

Donations are open until 30th November and can be made via