Did you know that Sydney’s Coaching Zone Five Dock location is owned and operated by the former rugby league and union stars Todd Liubinskas, Bronson Harrison and Shane McLeod?

The trio took on ambassador roles for the Coaching Zone brand late last year, and have become familiar faces within the franchise network. 

Liubinskas, who has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and was recently announced as Fitness Director for Men’s Health, says “the true difference with Coaching Zone, compared to other offerings in the fitness space, is the scalability”.

He explains: “Coaching Zone offers the total customer journey from entry level fitness training (a few) times per week to a progressed version of training, with multiple product offerings to cater to your training style and preferences. The big difference is the feeling and scalability to meet your training experience which is vital to keep you training consistently and smiling frequently.”

Regarding his new appointment, he says, “I’m ecstatic to be joining Men’s Health, the ultimate fitness platform for Aussie men. It’s the natural extension for my work in the fitness space, and what an exciting time to join the brand as [editor] Scott looks to engage new audiences and broaden its reach.”

Bronson, who had 11 years with the NRL says there are correlations between Coaching Zone and professional sport, adding: “the concept of Coaching Zone certainly correlates with the team atmosphere, setting goals and breaking new ground that we see in footy. In an environment where you will experience a high level of support from your coaches and peers, it’s important to have people who share your passion and drive to achieve the task ahead.”

“The most important message I would like to spread as a Coaching Zone ambassador is to start being active now and enjoy living your life, as fitness is a lifestyle which you have 100 percent control of. Put the time and commitment into finding your right balance, focus on your goals, your achievements and what you have control of – the rest will sort itself out. I believe Coaching Zone could very well be a perfect match for anyone on their fitness journey and at all levels.”

Coaching Zone is a product of Belgravia Health and Fitness – an established health and fitness brand boasting expertise, finesse and in-depth knowledge across all aspects of the business. Consisting of several renowned businesses including Genesis Health and Fitness and Ninja Parc, the group are leaders in the fitness industry.

Belgravia Health and Fitness CEO Ian Jensen-Muir believes that having the support of Coaching Zone Franchisees and Brand Ambassadors is a huge bonus:

“These guys have a very strong presence in the fitness market and are well respected and established as trainers. They are an integral part of helping us grow the Coaching Zone brand.”