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The Coffee Club Rewards Coffee Lovers For Taking A Stand Against Waste

The Coffee Club Rewards Coffee Lovers For Taking A Stand Againt Waste

The Coffee Club has this week announced a nationwide franchisee commitment to offer a 50-cent discount on hot beverage purchases when customers bring their own re-usable cups into The Coffee Club.

The discount, offered in all The Coffee Club stores across Australia, came into effect this week and has the potential to save Australia’s nation of coffee drinkers up to $130 a year[1].

In the wake of consumer demand for businesses to put their ‘green’ foot forward and reduce waste, The Coffee Club has offered Karma Cup refills for many years and wants to extend the environmentally friendly option for customers to also bring in their own reusable cup. The initiative hopes to further help make a difference to the estimated one million disposable coffee cups dumped in Australian landfill every year.

Peter Collier, The Coffee Club Stockland Caloundra, said that his team were proud to be part of an initiative that was rewarding Australians for taking a step in the right direction to reduce waste.

“The move to reusable coffee cups is a trend we’ve seen with our locals and regulars for a long time – it’s nice to be able to give back and reward them at the same time,” Mr Collier said.

“Obviously disposable coffee cups are a huge cost not only to the environment but to our business as well, this is a great opportunity to trial what could be a more sustainable way of running our business.”

Head of Marketing at The Coffee Club, Matthew Emmerson, said the business strongly supported using reusable coffee cups and that this initiative ensures a proactive approach in matters that are important to the communities their franchisees were operating in.

“We are pleased to announce that following requests from many stores and customers, and a successful trial run by various stores our incentive to be environmentally friendly is now consistent across Australia as well as one of the first national cafés to offer such a great initiative,” Mr Emmerson said.

“Our franchisees live and work in the communities they operate in, and so it’s our responsibility that we listen to our customer’s passions, such as the health of our environment and support when and where we can.

“We’ll be working closely with our franchisees over the coming months to monitor the positive impact the initiative has on their business and for now we are extremely proud to be taking this proactive step,” Mr Emmerson said.

The 50-cent discount on coffee purchases when a reusable coffee cup is presented is now available in all stores across Australia.


[1] Based on x1 customer purchasing x5 coffees a week for a 12 month period.