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Cold Brew is the latest trend sweeping Australia’s coffee scene, and there’s a great new range of specialty brews available now at Soul Origin with the launch of their new signature cold brew range.

Soul Origin has become the go-to place for excellent coffee and fresh, nutritious food in Australia and the new cold brew coffee range is now available at Soul Origin’s 108 stores across Australia. For a limited time, customers will be able to try the NEW Cold Brew for just $2 with Soul Origin’s 300mL taster, available in Cold Brew Pure Black or Cold Brew White.

“Soul Origin is delighted to be launching a new cold brew coffee range today. Cold brew is a refreshing, smooth, cold coffee beverage, which captures the powerful tasting notes and flavour profile of our specialty coffee,” says National Barista Trainer Sam Taylor.

“Our specialty-grade cold brew coffee is delicately brewed to give it a beautifully balanced flavour profile. This process highlights the finer points of the coffee bean and makes a delicious drink.”

“Many of our customers have been opting for iced coffees and cold beverages this summer, and cold brew is a great option to enjoy on a warmer day. The lower acidity and bitterness of cold brew helps create a smoother and sweeter cup of cold coffee. We encourage Australians to drop into their local store and try some our specialty cold brew,” says Sam Taylor.

Along with the limited time offer $2 Taster, Soul Origin stores will now be offering customers a Cold Brew Pure Black Coffee and a Cold Brew White Coffee at $6 each. A signature Cold Brew with Coffee Jelly launched in all stores on Monday 18th February – while stocks last, get in quick.

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