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Cold Rock smashes its way into the international market

Cold Rock Ice Creamery is getting ready to take its famous “Choose It. Mix It. Smash It. Love It.” offering global. The Australian ice creamery has announced its expansion to Vietnam, the first international move for Cold Rock under parent company Franchised Food Company.

The iconic Aussie brand is set to open initially three stores in fast-paced Ho Chi Minh City, tapping into a climate, culture and destination that’s ideal for Cold Rock’s frozen treats.

Adding to the line-up of United States ice cream brands currently available in Vietnam, Cold Rock now brings this iconic Australian brand, with its theatrical ice cream experience to locals. Unlike the others, who rely on shipping complete product in, Cold Rock will actually produce its ice cream locally.

The White Milk Base Ice Cream Mix will continue to be made in Australia using real yummy Australian milk; Cold Rock Vietnam will then produce their finished ice cream daily, offering locals a fresher, smoother, creamier and ‘Vietnamese’ taste alternative.

Cold Rock CEO Stan Gordon says “the international move for the brand, now positions Cold Rock as a global player. In the ever-popular ice cream and treats market, it’s a move the Cold Rock brand has been researching and developing for some time.”

“We continually receive requests from parties globally who’ve expressed interest in taking our brands international,” Gordon said, but stressed the importance of finding the right strategic partners, understanding the local psychographic and not just opening up in just any market.

“We did this before making the decision to set up shop in Vietnam,” he added.

Careful consideration and flexibility will be important strategies as part of this initiative, with some tailored taste profiles, ice cream flavours and Mix In confectionaries likened to the specific Vietnamese palate.

Gordon suggested Australia’s cultural diversity and superior cultural understanding cemented his thinking that the Australian Cold Rock brand should join their American competitors in the aspirational Vietnamese market.

“After travelling to Vietnam in December 2013, I recognised it’s a place we could and wanted to introduce the Cold Rock brand.

“I used my gut feeling. And as soon as I learned of the opportunity, I knew our model would work well in Vietnam. Once we set the wheels in motion, everything just fell into place.”

Vietnamese Master Franchisee Diane Nguyen is confident the local people’s love for ice confections, theatrical retailing and Australian brands will see Cold Rock continue to expand and gain popularity across the country.

“I’m very confident that Cold Rock will be a huge success here, and we’re excited to introduce this Aussie icon to locals. We know they’ll love and connect with the personality of the brand,” Diane said.

“Cold Rock is a unique offering because it gives consumers something more than just ice cream. It’s the experience of Choosing the flavours and Mix Ins, watching them being Mixed In and Smashed In and then Loving it. Everyone feels like they own an ice cream tailored to their individual liking.”

Initially three stores will open in various locations across Ho Chi Minh city, and are due to begin trading before Christmas.

The announcement comes as Franchised Food Company also expands the Pretzel World brand overseas, with stores confirmed to open in Dubai in the coming months.

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