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Competition Policy Review – release of Draft Report

Professor Ian Harper, Chair of the Review, said the recommendations in the Draft Report seek to bring Australia’s competition policy up to date.

‘Australia’s competition policy needs to be fit for purpose, and updated for the economic opportunities and challenges Australia will face in coming decades. We face forces for change from increased globalisation, population ageing and new technologies, which are rapidly changing the way our markets operate.

‘The Panel has reviewed Australia’s competition policies, laws and institutions against a set of questions to consider whether our current competition policy settings are capable of navigating these changes.

‘The Panel’s assessment draws on nearly 350 submissions and close to 100 consultation meetings with a wide range of stakeholders. But the judgements that underpin the draft recommendations are our own,’ Professor Harper said.

The Draft Report sets out the Panel’s draft recommendations and seeks further input from stakeholders.

‘We want your feedback. We want people to tell us what they think of our views on the current state of competition and the draft recommendations,’ said Professor Harper.

The Review is keen to hear from all interested stakeholders. Consultation on the Draft Report is now open, and will run for eight weeks until 17 November 2014.

The Panel will be holding public forums around the country. The Panel is also asking for written submissions and feedback from interested parties on the views and draft recommendations in the Draft Report.

‘I encourage people to contribute to this important debate about the future of Australia’s competition policy,’ said Professor Harper.

After the close of consultation on 17 November 2014, the Panel will then consider its final  recommendations, with the Final Report due with the Australian Government by March next year.

Up-to-date advice on the Review and its progress, including details of public forums, are posted regularly on the Review’s website: Interested parties can subscribe to the website by providing email details.

The Review Panel comprises:

  • Chair: Professor Ian Harper, a Partner at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Director of Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd and an Emeritus Professor of the University of Melbourne;

  • Ms Su McCluskey, Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Australia Institute, and former holder of senior public sector roles;

  • Mr Peter Anderson, national business leader and public policy specialist, and former Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and

  • Mr Michael O’Bryan, QC at the Victorian Bar, practising extensively in the area of competition law.