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CORE 9 Runs Away with the Fitness Market with First Perth Franchise

core9CORE 9, one of the most highly recognised and disruptive workouts in Australia, has announced the launch of its first franchise in Perth and a national expansion, as it looks set to dominate the fitness industry for the coming year.

The innovative exercise plan has taken the healthy living industry by storm in recent months, attracting busy people with its ultra-effective 9 checkpoints, 31 minutes, ‘ no excuses’  policy. Combining three fat-busting exercises – gymnastics, kickboxing and tried and tested military techniques- the workouts target all areas of the body with elite performance training to burn fat, sculpt muscles and kick body confidence into high gear. With the first franchise, located in Joondalup, Perth, now open, it’ s certain that CORE 9 will be in high demand across the country.

Craig Arnold, Co Founder and Director, said:

“When we set out on this journey, we knew we had a winning combination in terms of fitness, but it’ s incredible to think we have created such a huge buzz in the industry itself. We have had demands for franchises coming in for a while, but it has only been recently that we havebeen able to do it the way we want to, while maintaining our unique and fun approach.”

The fitness classes themselves are designed to remove the barriers of lengthy class times and personal trainingexpense. Instead they offer people of all fitness levels the most efficient and effective way to challenge themselves, improve their health and become stronger each day. As a result, the classes have opened up fitness to those who think they don’ t have time for exercise by working quickly and effectively.

However the winning formula for the team has undoubtedly been the attention to detail, coupled with a personal approach to each and every gym-goer that steps through the doors. And despite growing at an almost unprecedented rate, CORE 9 is determined not to lose this crucial part of the experience as it finalises plans for additional franchises around Australia.

“We believe that one of the reasons we will grow so quickly is our personal touch and unique proposition,”added Craig. “Despite our growth, we endeavour to make sure each and every instructor we have understands this vital part of the business so every person who walks through our doors gets the most out of the workout and enjoys every second. This is critical to our franchise growth because our core product is of such a high quality. Fitness enthusiasts know that whatever the location, they’ re going to receive the same dedication. We’ ve translated this ethos into our franchise model too and worked hard to create a product and systems that set both members and franchisees up for success.”

The CORE 9 franchise offering is designed to be affordable, scalable, simple and achievable. Perth is not where it ends; CORE 9 has eyes on conquering the whole of Australia, with sites already mapped out all over the country for new training facilities.

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