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CouriersPlease partners with point-to-point delivery app to offer on-demand service across major cities

CouriersPlease partners with point-to-point delivery app to offer on-demand service across major cities

Leading parcel delivery service, CouriersPlease (CP) has partnered with Melbourne start-up GoFetch to offer its customers on-demand delivery across the greater metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

CP delivered nearly 18 million parcels in 2017 alone. Its partnership with the point-to-point, on-demand delivery service app will complement the existing ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, where parcels are serviced by CP’s network of franchisees and service providers.

Part of the sharing economy, GoFetch operates a crowdsourced platform which connects customers needing urgent deliveries to its community of ‘Fetchers’, who collect and deliver in under two hours within the same city. Fetchers use their own delivery method – riding, walking, skating or driving –and the service is available 24/7 for customers. Since 2016, GoFetch has serviced more than 3400 registered business and consumer customers and has a community of more than 2400 Fetches.

CP will be utilising GoFetch’s team of Fetchers to offer a point-to-point delivery service to its customer database of businesses and consumers. Customers can have items delivered to their door at any time, with full transparency of the delivery journey via GPS tracking on the CP web app.

Customers use the service via the CP portal and will have access to exclusive rates. There is also a live chat function within the app allowing customers to contact their Fetcher directly about any changes to their delivery whilst in transit.

Head of Commercial and Transformation at CP, Jessica Ip, says: “It’s a really exciting time in our business and the CP team is thrilled to work with GoFetch to offer an on-demand service to our customers. It’s a premium offering, perfect for those who need items delivered out of hours or urgently – whether it be for receiving important documents, delivering flowers or gifts in no time, or picking up items that were accidently left behind.

GoFetch CEO Blair Smith says: “Our partnership with CouriersPlease marks a step-change for GoFetch in that demand of our peer-to-peer platform will experience a steady stream of orders, and fewer fluctuations. It’s a win-win for both companies: CP will usher in a new level of last-mile transparency and access to fulfil urgent, short-distance jobs, and GoFetch will experience more consistent demand, higher job volumes and geographical expansion.

“CouriersPlease has shown tremendous foresight in acknowledging that the future of deliveries will be digital. The emerging i-conomy demands an instant and traceable delivery type so a partnership such as this one makes sense. Working with CP will complement our services at GoFetch, rather than be a direct competitor in deliveries.”