Cover Story: Quick N Easy Clean & Green

By Business Franchise Magazine

This article appeared in Issue 3#1 (November/December 2008) of Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand 

Quick n Easy Clean & Green Friendly to Both the Environment & Franchisees

The most environmentally-friendly car washing system available, Clean & Green has the ability to recycle more water than ever before, enabling them to operate up to one month between rains. 

Anthony German admits the car washing industry is a significant commitment:  “To actually own and facilitate a car wash is not a baby step – it’s quite a substantial business venture, there’s no question about that.”

He should know.  As co-founder and Managing Director of the Quick N Easy Carwash group, he and his team direct the construction and operations of the 30+ intelligent and economical car washes throughout Australia.

“With Quick N Easy sites now established in every State of Australia over the past four years, our goal now is to be the most dominant force in the Australian car washing industry.” 

With online data constantly available from which to monitor the business, Clean & Green is a truly remote business opportunity.  Being self-service, customers operate the car wash themselves.  Owners are able to hire staff, to provide a friendly face and to freshen up the sites.

There are currently three Quick N Easy Clean & Green car washes operating in Australia, says Anthony, “Macquarie Fields (NSW) is now the flagship of the Clean & Green image across Australia.  That’s an important part of the whole process – to be able to have a flagship from which we can benchmark ourselves.”

Anthony explains the aim of Clean & Green:  “From our perspective, we want to populate Australia with this product.  There’s a lot of growth left in the car washing industry.  Basically Australia has around 20% take up of commercial washing but in the USA for example, it’s something closer to 50%. So there’s a huge amount of growth to even get to the US level.

“Having said that, we’ve recently signed a Master Franchise in the US - in the State of Texas.  We’re expecting to begin over there early next year to start the process of setting up a Clean & Green environmentally-friendly car wash system in the US.  That’s been a pretty big step for us and one we’re very excited about.”

Even though Australia has had some rain and water storage levels have moved a little, Anthony dreams of a nation where it is 100% accepted that consumers only wash their vehicles at a facility that is helping to protect the environment.

“We still have to conserve our water and look after our resources”, stresses Anthony.  “We have altered our model to accommodate this need and, if required, we’ll be even more stringent.  We’re doing our best to make sure that, with the technology available to us, we’ve done everything humanly possible to care – and not exploit.  We all need to accept this environmental responsibility and just get on and do the job.”

There are still many more opportunities for Quick N Easy Clean & Green car washes in Australia.  Anthony reveals a partnership with a national entity that has access to a massive demographic land bank, eliminating the need for new franchisees to locate their own sites:  “It’s basically given us options of parcels of land that co-exist with another business model - so that’s pretty exciting.”

Quick N Easy Clean & Green car washing systems do come at a bit of a cost says Anthony, “but the cost is offset because it becomes energy efficient and water efficient, so there are cost savings.”

Anthony says that people with financial resources and entrepreneurial vision are ideal franchisees:  “The type of investor we’re after is someone who has some capital or equity behind them, who are business savvy and recognise this is truly a niche high growth profit business.”

Anthony declares, “It’s never a money grabbing exercise - it’s about lining the ducks up and getting it right - all the way through.  The biggest challenge we’ve had is incorporating all those typical business challenges into the flavour of our generation, which is our environment.  It’s been a really complicated matrix to pull it all together.”

Anthony explains that success has not arrived overnight:  “A lot of laborious hours have gone into getting the product to a point where it’s really commercial.  We’ve got the product, we’ve got the locations, we’ve got the demographics and we’ve got the growth opportunity within Australia.  The model’s correct and it just comes down to one question:  Who’s going to be sharing this opportunity with us?” 

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