Cover Story – Trios


This article appeared in Issue 3#3 (March/April 2009) of Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand


Inviting passionate individuals to join the Trios family, the Elia brothers offer a wealth of business knowledge and an ongoing commitment to cultivating success.

Attracting vibrant and enthusiastic franchisees, Trios presents a fun-loving and young-spirited team, dedicated to growing a business from the ground up.

Trios is seeking like-minded partners to embrace their new branding and exciting store initiatives, and to take up the Trios challenge in 2009!

A fast-paced fresh food service experience, Trios has been capitalising on the consumer shift towards healthy convenient meals since 2003.

Inspired by their Lebanese heritage, Elias, Sam and David launched the Trios franchise in 2003. Collectively, the brothers have decades of experience in owning and managing cafés and investments. However, they had a combined desire to create a unique dining experience that would embrace their cultural background; hence the Trios signature product Laffé Wrap.

Trios as a group has always been passionate about food, explains Sam Elia. Chief Marketing Director: “Australians eat sandwiches, but we wanted to create a new era of rolled-up sandwiches. We have a policy at Trios – if we can’t roll it, we won’t sell it.”

Laffé flatbread combinations are almost endless. Classic wraps include tandoori, caesars and schnitzels, and sizzling hot grilled meats and toasted wraps inside thicker flatbread. Plenty of vegetarian wraps are also available.

Freshly made hand tossed salads and mouthwatering baked potatoes complete the Trios menu. Whatever customers choose from the 28 options, there is one common factor – they all receive a healthy and tasty meal.

Sam TriosSam comments on the successful franchise: “To be honest, between myself, David and Elias, our basic formula for success has always been based on three principles.”

Those core values all encompass people: identifying talented individuals and nurturing them; working with store managers and owners to help them connect with their environment; and removing personal obstacles that hinder business growth.

Prospective franchisees want to be able to trust that their franchisor has strategies in place, to continually expand and improve their business.

“Customer loyalty is very important to us”, says Sam. “We’re aiming for 90% of our customers to come back. I don’t think any other brand can give you that exact figure.”

In relation to selecting franchisees, Sam reveals the importance of ensuring they are the right fit. “We’ve always allowed people to  be put into a store”, says Sam. “Even before they’ve given us a commitment. We say ‘go and spend a day or two with our people in the store. It’s all about lifestyle – about seeing yourself in an environment.”

Sam continues: “Finding the right franchisees with the right attitude and then translating that down to store managers and staff – to be the connection point with customers – is essential.”

Franchisees are not required to have prior working experience with food, says Sam: “You don’t need any food preparation techniques. If you know how to chop lettuce and tomatoes, basically you’re there.

“The business is not focused on setting up the environment; it’s about focusing on people: identifying the right staff to work for you; setting some goals; looking ahead to the future – to live the brand.”

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  • Our people come first – both staff and customers
  • We are young, dynamic, positive and moving forward fast
  • We develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time
  • We contribute positively to our community and our environment
  • We recognise that profitability is essential to our future success
  • We’ve got fresh and tasty all wrapped up!


  • Training – 4 weeks initial + ongoing
  • Funding – Bank accreditation finance available
  • Term – 5 + 5 years (option)
  • Support – full marketing program and franchise support team