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Crocs Indoor Play Centre opens in Reservoir with a new twist!

The Franchise Shop is delighted to announce the opening of a new Crocs Indoor Play Centre located in Reservoir, Melbourne. Progressively this new store will include a Muffin Break store within the Play Centre.

The Franchise Shop is pleased to have played a role in developing this new concept, introducing this incredible pair. The Muffin Break store will be a wonderful addition for the Play Centre customers offering a wide range of muffins, sandwiches and wraps, and coffee.

Crocs Indoor Play Centre with Muffin Break

This new store is the fourth company store, the sixth store overall, and as part of an expansion plan that will see at least 4 further centres open this year including the first two interstate centres. Exciting times for this growing franchise!

Crocs Indoor Play Centre Director Mr. Brett Aldous said

“finding good sites was more a limiting factor for growth this year than finding suitable franchise owners.”