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Customers set to benefit as 7-Eleven partners with Adobe and Microsoft

7-Eleven has entered strategic partnerships with Adobe and Microsoft in what is set to accelerate the company’s ambitious digital strategy. With transformation works well underway, 7-Eleven’s digital plans signal a significant step forward for Australia’s leading convenience retailer. 

7-Eleven General Manager of Strategy and Technology Stephen Eyears said the company sought to deliver more agile innovation in order to meet customer needs across both physical and digital retail environments.  

“The convenience customer now, but even more so by 2030, expects brands to provide digital channels which complement the physical retail experience,” he said. “Our technology ambition is all about making our customers’ lives easier by providing products and services when, where and how they want them.” 

Through Adobe and Microsoft, Eyears said 7-Eleven would be able to leverage ecosystems of products that worked together, reducing the complexity of systems and multiple individual vendors.  

“We’ll have more sophisticated plug and play capability for new innovations, enabling us to continue leading the way in convenience for our customers,” Eyears said.  “We’ll also be able to spin up trials and capture new opportunities much more quickly and deliver personalised value for customers while reducing the impact these innovations can sometimes have on our store teams. 

“The way we do business is going to become simpler, easier and much more efficient.”