Delivering to the Angels: Naked Wines and Aramex Make a Dream Team



Naked Wine’s unique customer funding approach and thirst for disruption are delivering real benefit for independent winemakers and wine drinkers and creating a hugely successful business at the same time.


More than 100,000 have already invested more than $80m directly into winemaking projects supporting 53 independent winemakers and enjoying wines at up to 50% less than in a bottle shop, delivered to their doorstep by the Aramex (formerly Fastway) network.


“Naked Wines was built on disrupting an industry that wasn’t really working very well for either the wine maker or the wine drinker,” Managing Director Alicia Kennedy says.


“Great winemakers tend to be terrible salespeople and vice versa. We seek-out and invest in the World’s best independent winemakers, like eight-time winemaker of the year Darryl Groom, and the maker of Australia’s best Shiraz, Sam Plunkett. We liberate them so they can focus their time and money, making better wines rather than selling them. Our customers have a passion for supporting independent winemakers and by being a Naked Wine member, called Angels, they also get to enjoy mouth-watering wines every day at prices that don’t require a second mortgage.”


At the heart of Naked Wine’s success lies a commitment to customer service excellence.


“Whilst the big supermarkets still dominate the instore experience for buying wine, online is definitely on the rise. We find many of our customers are converting from the likes of Dan Murphy’s as they want to support the winemakers directly and get a smarter deal. ” Alicia says.


“We offer that by connecting our Angels directly with our Naked Wines rockstar winemakers and through telling their stories. One of our most loved winemakers Jen Pfeiffer recently sold her one millionth bottle to Naked customers. Husband and wife team, Adrian and Rebecca Santolin were making just 100 cases in 2012 and now, thanks to Angel funding, will make over 45,000 cases. Our winemakers are great people making extraordinary wines.”


“The critical part of our success however is delivery. In order to compete and succeed, we need to make it even more convenient for people to get their wine and that’s where our relationship with Aramex and all our local Aramex franchisees kicks in.”


“Speed of delivery matters but we also need to make sure that the wine arrives in perfect condition which is why the reliability of our Aramex drivers in delivering as per the customer’s requirements and expectations is so important.”


It’s a relationship that has been in place since 2012 when the network was known as Fastway. Peter Lipinski, CEO of Aramex Australia, says there is a shared passion for customer service excellence and market disruption as well as wine.


“Just as Naked Wines frees up winemakers to do what they do best while providing the scale, infrastructure and business support, so too do we at Aramex for our Courier Franchisees and Regional Franchisees,” Peter says.


“Naked Wines is the bridge between the winemakers and drinkers while we provide exactly the same support to allow our Courier and Regional Franchisees to connect with their individual customers while providing a national and international distribution system.”


“We’re proud to be locally owned and operated businesses run by local franchisees and, as part of Aramex, a global leader in logistics, our network continues to thrive and strengthen.”


“We empower and support more than 10,000 Australian businesses by helping them meet their customers’ needs with efficient, effective and reliable delivery options, and great technology. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers by helping them deliver on their customer service promise. That’s the Aramex difference.”


Both Naked Wines and Aramex Australia anticipate strong ongoing growth in 2020 and beyond.


“We’ve only just scratched the surface,” Alicia says. “We’ve got over 100, 000 Angels and if you look at the Australian wine market, there’s still plenty of space to grow that. We just have to show people that they can shop online for wine with confidence, and, through Naked Wines, conveniently access amazing wine at exceptional prices. Delivery and logistics are key components of that which is why we choose to partner with Aramex.”


It’s a similar story of growth for Aramex given Australians are spending an estimated $18 billion online with e-commerce growing exponentially year on year.


“We have just had another record-breaking festive season with over 450,000 more parcels delivered in December over the previous December and year on year growth of two million more parcels,” Peter says. “Australians love online shopping including for wine and this is driving exceptional growth and demand for us.”


“While the return percentage of Naked Wines is miniscule, there’s always a surge in returns of online shopping purchases post-Christmas which creates even more business for our Courier and Regional Franchisees. We’re ready for another big year meeting the growing delivery demand.”


“We know convenience is king and our investments and focus for the year ahead are all around making it even easier for our franchisees as well as customers. From our new click and collect service to enhanced tracking technology, we are working closely with our Regional and Courier Franchisees to help them make sure their businesses are in the sweet spot and they have the delivery solutions that all of our customers want.”


“Our franchisees are also enjoying the benefit of our rebrand across Australia and New Zealand following Aramex’s acquisition of the Fastway Couriers network in 2016. This marks the final milestone in the acquisition.”


“Our customers benefit from increased reach globally while still enjoying the network’s commitment to exceptional local service – an achievement which has earned the network over 60 industry accolades, including the 2017 International Franchisor of the Year, 2015 International Franchisor of the Year, Overall Franchise System of the Year on four separate occasions and the 2012 NAB Franchise Council of Australia Excellence in Marketing Award.”


“2020 is going to be another great year for us and for all our customers,” Peter says.

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