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Despite online shopping likely to double, most Aussies still prefer to shop in-store: Shopify

To help Australian retailers meet the fast-changing demands of shoppers, Shopify, the leading global commerce platform, today launched integrated retail hardware for Shopify Point of Sale (POS) and Shopify Payments for in-person transactions. 

The launch comes as new research of Australians’ shopping behaviours, conducted by Shopify, shows that despite online shopping likely to double, most Aussies still prefer to shop in-store. However, retailers are having to cater to and accommodate new ways of shopping such as contactless payments, local delivery, and click-and-collect that have been accelerated by the global pandemic.

That’s why, as part of Shopify’s global roll out of our retail solutions, Shopify has launched integrated retail hardware for Shopify POS, as well as Shopify Payments for in-person transactions, to retail merchants in Australia. As traffic returns to bricks-and-mortar stores , Shopify is helping Australian merchants meet evolving shopper demands with a fully integrated point-of-sale solution that unifies their online and offline businesses. 

According to Shopify’s survey, Aussies are increasingly turning online to make their purchases. The research shows the number of shoppers buying mostly online will likely double post-pandemic vs. pre-pandemic, from 7% pre-pandemic to 15% now that many COVID-19 restrictions have started to ease. Buying in brick-and-mortar stores, however, still tops Australia’s shopping preference with 64% of people choosing to buy mostly in physical stores post-pandemic, compared to 79% before COVID-19. 

Shaun Broughton, Managing Director APAC, Shopify said, “We are experiencing a fundamental shift in how people shop following the global pandemic. This new retail renaissance is forcing retailers to adapt to new business models, as digital disruption is fueled by rocketing customer expectations for convenience, personalisation, experience, and safety.”

The report also reveals the number of Australians buying online for click-and-collect or local delivery will continue to grow compared to pre-pandemic. The former increased from 17% pre-pandemic to 23% post-pandemic, and deliveries from online purchases grew from 37% to 43% accordingly. On the other hand, buying through social media is predicted to stay relatively low among Aussies, sitting at 5-6%.

Further findings of the research include:

  • 8 in 10 shoppers say buying local is important to them, with proximity (77%) and supporting local business owners (60%) cited as the main reasons why
  • The top 3 expectations of consumers are free shipping (64%), easy returns (58%), and efficient customer service (57%)
  • Free shipping is highly sought-after with close to half of consumers purchasing additional items to reach the minimum threshold to secure free shipping
  • 29% of online shoppers would select pick-up from a physical store location if free-shipping is not available, and 52% expect retailers to offer ‘click-and-collect’ 
  • 93% have used a non-cash means of payment while shopping in-store (e.g debit card, credit card, mobile wallet)
  • The majority of consumers expect to be rewarded through a loyalty program whether buying online (71%) or offline (63%)

Mr. Broughton added: “Australia has quickly become an important market for Shopify, so bringing integrated retail hardware and in-store payments to our Australian retail merchants is a pivotal step in future-proofing their businesses.”

The introduction of Shopify Payments and an integrated card reader for Shopify POS provides Australian retailers with more ways to accept in-person payments, a fully unified selling experience in-store, and a single destination for online and retail payments and payouts.

Key benefits of integrated hardware and payments with Shopify POS include:

  • The ability for retailers to accept all major payment methods, however, and wherever they need to in order to make the sale
  • Seamless, secure, and reliable checkouts for both retailers and customers when completing a sale, all through a single POS system.
  • Unified back office to track and manage sales, payments, and payouts across online and in-person retail all from a single location
  • Frictionless returns and exchanges helping retailers assist customers with purchases made online or at other locations
  • Clear and upfront pricing with a single rate for all credit cards and no hidden fees or hardware rental fees

For further information about integrated hardware and payments with Shopify POS, click here.