Diaco’s Garden Nursery National Franchise Program planned


Diaco’s Garden Nursery is excited to announce their plans for national expansion through franchising. Since opening their first store in Heatherton as a 4-day pop-up plant market in 2000, the company now has 3 stores open 7 days a week across South-Eastern Victoria. Driven by a passion for plants and gardening, and the vision to bring back the local garden nursery, Diaco’s is committed to providing quality products, value for money, and “good old-fashioned service”.

The transition into franchising began in 2014. The Diaco’s Garden Nursery business model was developed and optimised for franchising with the help of Australia’s leading franchising firm DC Strategy. The Diaco family have worked with DC Strategy to prepare the business model for a launch into franchising, while retaining the atmosphere and culture of a local, family-run nursery.

Diaco’s Garden Nursery is a family business, the Diaco brothers Mario, Ricky and Tony currently running the 3 stores. As their father Bruno Diaco has no more sons to expand the network, franchising is an ideal way to expand nationally.

General Manager of the group, Mario Diaco, says that franchising is the way to move forward for Diaco’s Garden Nursery.

“People are sick and tired of experiencing only a basic range of poor quality products, and little to no customer service. They are desperate for a garden nursery that cares about them and their needs. We are doing this for the garden nursery industry as much as for ourselves. By bringing quality products, value for money, and good old-fashioned service, Diaco’s will fulfil this need for people in Melbourne – and eventually all of Australia.”

With three stores already operating in Heatherton, Lynbrook and Mornington, Diaco’s now have their sights set on the North and West of Melbourne, with plans to open a store in Keilor later this year. Their target locations for the next few years also include Altona, Geelong, Watsonia, Broadmeadows, Kilsyth, Burwood, Doncaster and Inner Melbourne.

Franchising expert and CEO of DC Strategy Suzanne Jarzabkowska is delighted to be working with Diaco’s Garden Nursery, and urges potential business owners to seriously consider this franchise opportunity.

“Franchising is big business. And Australia is one of the most heavily franchised countries per capita in the world. Investing in a good franchised business increases your probability of success. 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years – less than 20% of franchised businesses do. Diaco’s Garden Nursery’s proven, profitable concept supported by their training, systems, marketing, brand and product takes a lot of the risk out of running your own nursery business.”