Mathnasium, an exciting franchise in the education space, is making a huge difference in kids’ lives, helping them grow their maths confidence.

“Australia is experiencing a significant amount of students turning away from STEM subjects including mathematics,” says Ratika Khandelwal, from Mathnasium Australia. “This is despite 56 percent of recruiters saying that they have trouble filling STEM jobs which means the opportunity in these areas is so much higher. Anxiety and a lack of confidence being the key reasons for avoidant behaviour.”

Originally an American company, Mathnasium now has over 1,050 locations world-wide, with three launching in Australia in January 2019.

“Depending on each child’s ability which is ascertained following a comprehensive assessment, maths is tailored in a way that puts focus on teaching it using either tactile, verbal, visual or written communication methods,” says Khandelwal. “This also takes the pressure off kids who feel they need to pretend they understand in the classroom.”

The stats:

  • 90% of students saw improvement in their first school grades
  • 93% of parents reported kids had an improved attitude toward maths
  • Classes can be delivered live or online
  • Low-cost entry, under $150k
  • The global market for private tutoring services is estimated to reach $260.7 billion by 2024 (Global Industry Analysts)

1Survey of parents whose children have regularly attended Mathnasium for six months or longer. 2Includes students with a starting grade below an A.