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A Brisbane pizza store has set a new Australian record for fast food – consistently delivering freshly-made pizzas to customer’s houses in less than six minutes for an entire week.

The record is considered a milestone not just for Domino’s, but any Australian fast-food business. Domino’s Ferny Grove delivered every order for a week in an average time of five minutes 27 seconds: from order placement to the customer’s door.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said the Company was delighted by the new record and emphasised that fast food did not need to be at the expense of food quality or safety.


“Historically, people believed you had to choose between quality, time and price when it came to food, but this record shows that restriction no longer applies to Domino’s.


“We believe in ‘slow where it matters, fast where it counts’, which means taking the time to make each pizza carefully and to be careful on the roads.”


Our customers rated the pizzas in this record-breaking effort as some of our best, and all deliveries were completed safely – in fact, many of the fastest deliveries were taken on electric bicycles.


“The secret behind this record-breaking effort is a carefully co-ordinated team of pizza experts in our stores, supported by world-first software that gives our pizza chefs a head start, with a prediction of what products they need to make – even if a customer has a unique selection of sauce or toppings.”


Mr Knight said team members would be celebrating the record, with the lessons learned to be applied in stores around the country as part of Domino’s Project 3TEN, which aims to have pizzas ready for pick-up in three minutes, and safely delivered in ten.


“We’re so proud of our team members for always pushing the boundaries of what is possible; we know that time is the enemy of food – every minute counts and customers want high-quality food, fast.


“When our customers order, we know they’re hungry at that exact moment and to be able to deliver them piping hot pizzas in less time than it takes to prepare a home-cooked meal – indeed, faster than it takes to boil an egg – is really exciting,” Mr Knight said.


Domino’s Ferny Grove franchisees Brandon and Kushla Brooking said the achievement is a testament to the hard work and efforts of an entire team.


“The record was really a team effort and having the team ready to take on the challenge together was the first step when attempting the delivery record-breaking week,” Mr Brooking said.


“We couldn’t be prouder of our team for bringing their enthusiasm and commitment to the record challenge while always ensuring our pizza quality was excellent and that our safety standard was upheld.”


Mrs Brooking added: “Most importantly this record, and our business, is about our customers, and their verdict was clear – they love to receive faster, fresher pizzas and we are proud to deliver.”