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More than 43 per cent of Australians don’t know their neighbours; 59 per cent haven’t spoken to them in the past week; and 71 per cent wouldn’t invite them over for dinner, according to a new survey.

Domino’s recently surveyed more than 8,500 customers and found the old phrase ‘love thy neighbour’ is a thing of the past, with people seemingly more disconnected than ever before.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said the Company is working to bring a sense of community back to Australian suburbs.


“Street parties are a tradition as old as time; bringing families, friends and neighbours closer, strengthening relationships and building a sense of community.


“Growing up in a country town, I have fond memories of playing on the street with other kids while our parents looked on over a glass of wine or two.


“But somewhere along the way, we’ve lost that… Technology now connects us to people on the other side of the world, but we don’t even know the people living right next door. And that needs to change,” he said.


“At Domino’s, we’ve always been about bringing people closer, connecting them through the world’s best bonding food… pizza.


“What better way to help bring neighbours together than by bringing back the iconic street party – fuelled by slices of delicious pizza!”


This December, Domino’s is giving every neighbourhood in Australia the opportunity to win a street or apartment floor party – complete with free pizzas, sides and drinks.

To enter, simply fill in a nomination card with your name, number and street/apartment at your local Domino’s store.

Each winner will score 15 x large premium, traditional or value range pizzas, 20 x cheese & garlic scrolls and 5 x 1.25L drinks to share at an epic party. After all, tis’ the season to be merry!